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There have a few Wayland specific forum threads but none generally about a port to Wayland.

Make sure Whonix tools support Wayland was done.

Currently there is no clear way forward Wayland support… Except, waiting for Xfce to become Wayland compatible.

It’s probably not a port to GNOME. Reasons: Dev/GNOME - Whonix
(If you feel you must advocate for GNOME, please start a dedicated forum discussion.)

KDE? Well, a many releases ago Whonix was based on KDE but then there was a KDE upgrade which made KDE very slow inside VMs. Hence it was dropped. Reference here: User Poll - XFCE vs KDE - KDE Deprecation Considered!

What other choices are there towards Wayland support?

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Hi, my 50 cents.

Security aside, both Gnome and KDE may be too resource hungry for small VM like Whonix. Therefore, it makes me think, did you see that Raspberry OS has just moved to Wayland with LXDE.

“What’s replaced LXDE?”
LXDE is an assembly of various components, the main ones being the openbox window manager, the lxpanel panel and the pcmanfm file manager and desktop. Openbox has been replaced with wayfire; lxpanel has been replaced with wf-panel-pi, and pcmanfm is still used, but modified to work with a Wayland backend.
Bookworm — the new version of Raspberry Pi OS - Raspberry Pi

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For LXDE consideration I just made a detailed reply here:

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