KDE - Wayland support

Due to KDE having Wayland support… And plans porting to Wayland. (port to Wayland)

Reconsidered KDE again by looking at the KDE packages.debian.org packages.

(history: Whonix used to be based on KDE: User Poll - XFCE vs KDE - KDE Deprecation Considered!)

I re-checked the dependencies of the most minimal KDE packages and it’s still horrible. KDE might have 1 nice feature (Wayland) but comes with a lot extra baggage.

Debian -- Details of package kde-plasma-desktop in bookworm depends on Debian -- Details of package plasma-desktop in bookworm but that depends on Debian -- Details of package accountsservice in bookworm

Debian -- Details of package plasma-workspace in bookworm but that depends for example on Debian -- Details of package qml-module-org-kde-kholidays in bookworm and a lot of other stuff.

By the first impression, researching all of that would be just too much.

Could have similar issues as GNOME which then results in “click = compromised” because it runs a file indexer by default which has a rarely needed feature parsing CD metadata which has been vulnerable (libcue).

It lacks the required minimalism “just give me a basic desktop”.

Could have more similar issues that GNOME has:

Unless I am missing something…

Therefore it seems highly unlikely going back to KDE for the sake of Wayland support.

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This is good news. Xfce will of course eventually have Wayland support: releng:wayland_roadmap [Xfce Wiki]


It is not clear yet which Xfce release will target a complete Xfce Wayland transition (or if such a transition will happen at all).