Make sure Whonix tools support Wayland

Wayland support is becoming almost a must in application development, So its better to make whonix tools ready for that.

Whonix GUI tools:

Not Whonix GUI Apps, But coming by default according to whonix choice: (not sure if any fully support wayland)

  • Hexchat
  • Tor Browser
  • GPA
  • KeePassXC
  • Monero-GUI
  • Electrum
  • ZuluCrypt
  • VLC
  • xpdf
  • Xarchiver
  • Thunderbird
  • PulseAudio (Never gonna support wayland)

XFCE GUI Apps/Stuff: (xfce still not yet supporting wayland)

  • XFCE itself (and anything related to xfce like xfce-terminal…etc)
  • Ristretto
  • Mousepad

I hope i didnt forgot something.


Make sure to neutralize/remove x11 dependencies from tb-updater (and all whonix packages):

Whonix Welcome Page:

Whonix Base Files


Wayland support · Issue #64 · vmonaco/kloak · GitHub

Over the last few days I’ve been adding Wayland compatibility to all application GUI by Kicksecure, Whonix. It’s in the developers repository. As soon as I completed the first test, I’ll move to testers repository.

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I am not sure about the scope of this ticket.

  • [1] Whonix developed GUI applications basic wayland support (even if using xwayland).
  • [2] Whonix developed GUI applications native wayland support (without xwayland).
  • [3] Whonix upstream pre-installed GUI applications basic wayland support (even if using xwayland).
  • [4] All pre-insatlled GUI applications should be compatible with native wayland and not use xwayland.
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file manager:

  • Currently installed: thunar (Xfce default)
    • issue: Does not support managing files owned by root, does not support gvfs.
  • Potential alternative: Nautilus, because it supports gvfs.
    • nautilus admin:///root/
  • Needed for Whonix-Gateway start menu entry Tor Data, /var/lib/tor folder in file manager (with root rights). (Useful to backup files such as onion service private keys.)

text editor:

  • Currently installed: mousepad
    • issue: Same as above.
  • Potential alternative: gedit, because it supports gvfs.
    • gedit admin:///etc/
  • Needed to edit Tor configuration and other system configuration files.
  • Maybe sudoedit and/or gsudoedit can avoid use of gvfs / need to replace the appliation.

Should Whonix which for now is Xfce based start mixing with application from GNOME for the sake of avoidance of xwayland? Seems not to make much sense as long as Xfce itself doesn’t support Wayland.

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This one, for packages from whonix/kicksecure, and packages that are not developed by whonix and doesnt has a wayland support and has no alternatives then only if extremely needed.

Yep, dont mix (gnome is a hell of a dependencies), any gnome should be kept for gnome unless there is critical dependency that need a mix.

Tor Data start menu entry:

As for environment variables, Linux environment variables get even more strange. Wayland ignores /etc/X11/Xsession.d but adheres to /etc/profile.d.

This is now in the testers repository.

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systray compatibility still untested.

  • sdwdate-gui in a Wayland systray hasn’t been tested yet.
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Since this is also in the stable repository.