ARM64 Tor Browser

I know that the Tor browser tries to mask itself as the same across all operating systems. Do you know / can you ask whether this build can hide that it runs on a different architecture? Otherwise it does not seem very useful to stay anonymous due to the extremely small user pool

Edit by Patrick:

Even if it were to spoof the useragent it would still be easily defeated. I disagree that it isn’t useful as it still masks a ton of system specific idiosyncrasies. We have to give the community something to work with so that the pool of ARM users can grow one day.

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Ok that is a good point. Maybe there should be some disclaimer in the Wiki though that it is not appropriate for people who have a high threat model?

Tor Browser already sets the same user agent for example for Windows and Linux. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that detection is no longer possible. Due to other issues which are depend on Tor Browser development status by The Tor Project.

See tbb-linkability [archive] and tbb-fingerprinting [archive].

The question is, how anonymous / pseudonymous is Tor Browser in practice?

See also:

Does it make a difference in practice if the underlying platform (amd64 vs arm64) can be detected if Tor Browser is fingerprintable anyhow?

We have to be careful about what we communicate. When ARM64 Tor Browser gets tagged “not for a high treat model” what does that imply for AMD64 Tor Browser? That it “is for a high threat model”?

Forum thread Whonix experimental for how long resulted in:

Rebrand Whonix as a research project.

  • old: “Whonix is experimental software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity.”
  • new: “Whonix is a research project.”

Tor Browser is already available for i386, amd64 and Android. Does any of these platforms have a mention “not for a high threat model”?

Tor Browser by The Tor Project for Android already is ARM based.

Also: iOS…


Tor Browser Downloader by Whonix ™ has been improved to support downloading Tor Browser ARM64 from sourceforge.net by Heikki Lindholm.
Related: ARM64 Tor Browser Maintainer

The goal is to make Tor Browser Downloader by Whonix ™ work out of the box on arm64 without special command line options / environment variables required. I guess that already works but I cannot test (due to lack of hardware and or better said due to infeasibility of running unlimited architectures/virtualizers at the same time). Can be used as usual as per documentation, for example:


If architecture auto detection fails, that can surely be fixed. Please report. Workaround if that was to happen:

ARCH=arm64 update-torbrowser

In that case please run in debug mode and share the output here.

bash -x update-torbrowser

In case of download / verification failures, please also run in debug mode.

ARCH=arm64 bash -x update-torbrowser

Obviously running Tor Browser ARM64 requires running on the ARM64 architecture. However, testing download/verification of ARM64 Tor Browser downloads can be done on any platform (download TorBrowser would work but starting Tor Browser would fail). To simulate:

ARCH=arm64 update-torbrowser

source code changes:
Comparing 19.8-1...19.9-1 · Whonix/tb-updater · GitHub

This is available in Whonix testers repository.
(Package Upgrade Policy)

(And Whonix git tag

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