ARM64 Tor Browser Maintainer

Info for the trust section in the TBB documentation:

Heikki Lindholm


Builds will soon feature a dev signed sha256sum hash file of all builds for verification.

He’s also contributed in the past to gnunet, libmicrohttpd, jackaudio and Debian’s xorg package.

public key from: https://h-lindholm.net/pubkey

pub ed25519/6AF15D1E45FDCEC9 2021-06-06 [C] [expires: 2024-06-05]
Key fingerprint = 24F1 41A3 B988 B6C3 50B9 3758 6AF1 5D1E 45FD
uid Heikki Lindholm holin@iki.fi
sub ed25519/5890EDB800F7C53D 2021-06-06 [S] [expires: 2022-06-06]
sub cv25519/645123E7AD3B24EF 2021-06-06 [E] [expires: 2024-06-05


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Trusting Downloaded Images

This is already the case. Download and verification of Tor Browser works very similar in tb-updater for Intel / AMD64 builds (from The Tor Project (TPO)) as well as arm64 builds (Heikki Lindholm). Difference is the download location (TPO website vs Heikki Lindholm sourceforge) and the OpenPGP (gpg) singing key.

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