Kicksecure KVM - Security Focused Linux -

Kicksecure is a security-hardened, non-anonymous Linux distribution.

This is the first release of Kicksecure KVM.

Testers wanted!

Initial Homepage:


Available platforms:


There is not much documentation available for Kicksecure yet. A lot documentation valid for Whonix also applies for Kicksecure but only advanced users know what applies and what does not. A Google Summer of Documentation (GSoD) project to create Kicksecure documentation is currently ongoing, see "Document Installation and Setup of the New Security-focused Hardened Debian Linux Distribution" selected by Whonix for Season of Docs 2019.

Possible future available platforms:

  • Installation on Debian buster hosts using the kicksecure-cli package initially tested by developer, call for wider testing upcoming.
  • Work on Whonix-Host recently started. Developers succeeded in creating a bootable live ISO which can be used live and optionally installed to the hard drive. Anyone welcome to contribute a Kicksecure ISO.

Version Number:

In future, new Kicksecure KVM images will be released at the same time new Whonix images are released. This is because Kicksecure and Whonix share a common base of source code. Whonix is based on Kicksecure. This also explains why the first release of Kicksecure already comes with a high version number.


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