'sudo apt-get install whonix' Part II / Whonix Packages for Debian Hosts

Many packages developed under the Whonix umbrella are independent packages in their own right and should be available to users whether they use Whonix directly or not.

Another long term goal is bringing some of Whonix’s major software packages with their security and privacy enhancements to Debian host systems via our repository.

To try it out, follow the instructions on the wiki.

Currently supported packages:

  • security-misc: Disables kernel features to decrease surface attack and prevents others that leak information about the system.

  • sdwdate + sdwdate-gui: Correct system time unsurveillable and uninfluenced by adversaries is crucial to prevent side channel attacks on crypto implementations and securing hosts from fingerprinting and network attacks. (https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Time_Attacks)

  • tp-updater: An automatic and secure way to fetch and verify Tor Browser from the Tor Project website.

  • Apparmor Profiles that are not available in upstream Debian yet.


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