zulucrypt failed to start helper application

i have innstalled Whonix-XFCE- and made all updates.

i try to launch zulucrypt but i get this error:
zulucrypt failed to start helper application
polkit file is misconfigured
zulupolkit executable could not be found
or pkexec failed to start zulupolkit

what is wrong and what can i do to solve thiS?

Fixed since this version in later builds on KVM at least. Should be solved in later VBox builds if they are available.

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thank you

pkexec related fixes are available in latest stable download and through stable in-place upgrades too.

Dunno about zulucrypt. See also:

Does zulucrypt work for everyone now?

If not, then this might help as per cannot access encrypted USB drive with Thunar in Whonix 15

sudo apt install libblockdev-crypto2
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