Whonix Workstation XFCE- - Issues for using Metasploit Framework

I’m testing Metasploit Framework on Whonix Workstation to simulate attacks in a lab environment corresponding to a Virtual Machine in a private network (environment made by using simply VirtualBox).

In this lab environment I set one “victim” machine (Metasploitable 2) and two machines as attackers, one Debian 10.9 and the other one Whonix Workstation XFCE (connected to the Whonix Gateway).

The purpose of my test is simulating a complex scenario where different machines can communicate in a private network, where Debian and Whonix machines are also connected to Internet. The complex scenario is represented by an attack from these two machines to the Metasploitable machine where one attacker is using Whonix for anonymization.

After setting everything, I run the Metasploitable machine (let’s guess Private IP, and then, from the two attacker machines I execute the same command (that is a simple port scan). So:

use auxiliary/scanner/portscan/syn

On Debian 10.9 machine, it works well. The output is like:

On Whonix Workstation, I get error messages as following:

where we see the Google public DNS (, so I guess that, despite I’m contacting a machine in the private network, these requests go to resolve DNS on Internet.

I think that this error could be due to Whonix contacts a Tor DNS server for DNS resolution. To solve should I change the content of /etc/resolv.conf in Whonix Workstation and/or Whonix Gateway or other items? How can I solve this issue in the “safest” way by lowering the impact on the anonymity?

I tried to change the content of /etc/resolv.conf of Whonix Workstation XFCE with “nameserver”, rebooted the machine but when I launch that command on metasploit, I get the same error.

About my doubts on anonymity if I allow the Workstation to contact, reading this post Another dns thatn I think that the only information that I give to an external entity is:
1- They can understand that I’m not using a Tor DNS server for DNS resolution;
2- They can log the IP address of the Tor exit node.
I don’t know if could be other aspects.

Anonymous pentesting is banned topic here.

Therefore I won’t go into how to anonymously run metasploit over Tor.

Scanning one’s own Whonix-Workstation from (virtual) internal LAN would be welcome.

  1. replace Whonix-Gateway VM (re-install or use a live DVD) with Debian (or anything, but Debian might be easier)
  2. set up network interface eth1 (see package whonix-gw-network-conf for inspiration)
  3. disable Whonix-Workstation firewall (or maybe not depending on what you’re testing)
  4. make sure you can ping Whonix-Workstation (so networking between the two VMs is even possible)
  5. run metasploit in previous VM that was Whonix-Gateway against Whonix-Workstation

Scanning one’s own Whonix-Gateway from (virtual) internal LAN would be welcome.

  1. understanding a bit of https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Other_Operating_Systems would be useful
  2. set up a Custom-Whonix-Workstation (easiest probably Debian) as per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Other_Operating_Systems
  3. make sure networking is functional
  4. disable Whonix-Gateway firewall (or maybe not depending on what you’re testing)
  5. run metasploit in previous Whonix-Custom-Workstation against Whonix-Gateway


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