Whonix VirtualBox - Testers Wanted!

Testers Wanted!

Download the Testers-Only version of Whonix for VirtualBox:

Alternatively, in-place release upgrade is possible upgrade using Whonix testers repository.

Notable Changes:

Full difference of all changes:


This release would not have been possible without the numerous supporters of Whonix!

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I’m downloading now, but I want to know if I will be wasting my time or not - as it relates to the pkexec problem, has mounting external drives within whonix (e.g. a vbox VDI virtual hard drive file) been fixed for this OVA?

Included in changelog.

This OVA:

synaptic: works.
zulucrypt: works. (I only tested launching it.)
gdebi: works.
gparted: works.
Thunar mounting external drive (VDI): doesn’t work. (despite other packages I install to try and assist with the Thunar mounting. Only my own policykit hack makes it work. This has all been said already.)

So pkexec problems still remain.

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