Serial Console in VirtualBox

Serial console works for Whonix KVM.

Package serial-console-enable might help / simplify setting up the kernel boot parameters inside the VM.

sudo apt-get install serial-console-enable

See also:

Serial console may be possible with VirtualBox too. See:


I didn’t manage to set it up yet.

Note of carefulness during experimentation: trying to set it up might brick that VM that you tried to set it up with. Undoing the VirtualBox changes might not actually undo these changes and that VM may no longer boot. I don’t know yet.



Can anyone make serial console work on Debian buster inside VirtualBox?


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you want plain debian buster or Whonix?

Anything would help.

on the host install socat:

sudo apt install socat

then run:

socat -d -d pty,raw,echo=0 pty,raw,echo=0

it will show something like this:

.... N PTY is /dev/pts/1
.... N PTY is /dev/pts/2 

then open new tab terminal and type:

cat </dev/pts/1

now go to whonix-ws-vbox (or any VM) settings -> Serial Ports -> Tick enable then:

Port Number: COM1 (default)
Port Mode: Raw File
Path/Address: /dev/pts/2

now run Whonix-WS-Vbox and all the process will be mirrored to
cat </dev/pts/1

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Can anyone see any security issues installing serial-console-enable package by default?

//cc @madaidan

Serial console for VirtualBox is now fully functional and documented! See:


Thanks to @TNT_BOM_BOM for inspriaration!

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I can’t see any except probably making it easier for malware on the host to silently access the VM which is not part of the threat model.

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