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[quote=“IvoHerka, post:60, topic:321”]Test it for yourself:
Works well.

It turns out 1 level headings should never be used
Interesting. Is this a known issue or could you report that one please?

I asking because it sounds like an okay workaround for now, but we don’t know into which unrelated issues (with skins etc.) we could run if not using level headings in the whole wiki.

Cause must me more mysterious than this.
Could derivate from an earlier or later syntax error. I got an idea on how to nail down this issue. By making a copy of that page for easier testing (not touching the live version) and then selectively deleting other sections or just using the section in question.


Here is a super simplified test page where this bug still occurs:


adrelanos: [ [ [ that's wrong Every tvar needs to have a different name. Also, we don't usually put | inside the tvar and I have no idea what effects that has.

My conclusion… This works better.

* [[<tvar|1>Main Page|</>Very brief introduction and summary on Whonix Homepage]]
* [[<tvar|2>Anonymity|</>Why do you need anonymity?]]
* [[<tvar|3>The World Wide Web And Your Privacy|</>The World Wide Web and your privacy]]


What about the following syntax? Does it look correct?
* [[<tvar|about>About|</> More About Whonix]]

<Nemo_bis> adrelanos: usually we do


  • [[<tvar|about>Special:MyLanguage/About</>|More About Whonix]]


And according to extension documentation, these are global variables across all translateable pages.


Quick fixed the documentation page for now using a small script:

But we must search the whole wiki for tvar|A and use better variables names. Because those links are very likely broken as well.


Didn’t apply the

thing yet. If you think it’s a good idea, I think I can come up with a small script to auto mass search and replace those on the documentation page as well. What do you think?


If it’s the same link / phrase / translation, then using the same variable name would mean less work for translators because those are auto replaced.


Sure, no problem, I will write small C++ program to replace those A’s.

One question: should I start counting from 1 locally or this count should be global for all pages?

Also, I never nested tvar’s so it’s not the case for sure.

Edit: Translation page still have $A’s, so changes probably didn’t get there yet.


That number should not be global for all pages. That would be a burden for no advantage, I think.

Instead of documentation_1 or could be about_1 and so forth. Anyhow. There is no reason to force us to use numbers for other pages.

For example, if we had a link such as

  • [[<tvar|about>About|</> More About Whonix]]

on multiple pages (don’t know a good example right now), then “about” would be a good global variable, I think. (Because then somehow, translation on one page = translation on all pages using some special markup.)


My only concern is that if we were to use tvar|about_1, tvar|about_2 for …/wiki/About, this would appear to translator as

$about_2 Some other text
and they might want to translate it to

$über_2 This text in German

but with plain numbers with would not be the case, so I think we should use them instead: tvar|1, tvar|2 and so on - they are straightforward.

This would mean the same links wouldn’t be autoreplaced I know, but they are not so common anyway.

What do you think?




Okay, I updated all pages (if didn’t miss anything).


This won’t work unfortunately. Since it’s global variables, we cannot use the same variable name twice. So we cannot use the variable name “1” on more than one page.

(Unless in the rare cases, where we want to save work for translators.)

That’s why my original idea included various_prefix_number, i.e. about_1 etc.

Sorry for being unclear on that one.



Main Page: 1-30
Documentation: 31-222
Support: 223-238
Develop: 239-249
Advanced Security Guide: 250-339
Anonimity Network: 340-367
AppArmor/Icedove: 368-369
AppArmor/Pidgin: 370-372
AppArmor/Timesync: 373-374
AppArmor/VirtualBox: 375-377
AppArmor/Whonixcheck: 378-379
AppArmor/sdwdate: 380-381
Backup Whonix VMs: 382-386


Okay. Thanks. Looks like quite a lot work has been done.

What do we do in case these pages are partially rewritten? I’d say in that case we just add a small prefix? a1, a2, a3, … as variable names? (Otherwise going through renumbering all those again would be too much work.)


Prefix seems like a good idea. It will be clear what’s new and what’s old.


By the way, if you feel one day we could use a separate forum for translation stuff and translators support, just say so. We’re flexible here, can be done easily and quickly.

What about changing the subject of this thread to “Translations Technical Developer Discussion”?


Personally, I don’t feel any need for separate forum, but I don’t mind if you want it.

Same goes for thread title. For me it’s no difference, it may be only more clear for future people.

Edit: I will update indexes for marked pages in groups.


On https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Advanced_Security_Guide#General when I press edit, it opens a different section. Got no idea how to fix it. Can you fix it please? I’ll try to understand the fix next time.


What’s the latest tvar variable number?

Topic closed. New thread: