Transform Whonix Testers Wanted Forum News Post into Whonix Release Forum News Post OK?

To safe effort and duplicated text… Are there strong reasons to avoid transforming a testers wanted forum thread into a release forum thread?

Example where this probably could be done soon:
Whonix for VirtualBox - - Point Release - Testers Wanted!

In practical terms, what I have in mind:

  • change the forum title
    • forum software will automatically create a new link and redirect the old link to the new link
  • rewrite form “testers wanted” to “release”
  • remove mentions of “testes wanted”
  • remove testers-wanted forum tag
  • add important-news forum tag
  • perhaps mention (This forum post was previously a call for testers. No release critical bugs where found during the testing period. See edit history.)

The forum is keeping an edit history anyhow.

The next testers wanted news post could even mention “This testers wanted announcement might in future be transformed into a stable release announcement if no major issues are found during the testing period.”

Great idea and will save you a lot of time. Your suggested text looks good.

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Nit. “No release critical bugs were found…”

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