Tor connection dies randomly and needs manual restart

Tor connection in Whonix-Gateway dies and when it dies, it doesn’t recover but the /var/run/tor/log says:

[NOTICE] Tried for 100 seconds to get a connection to [scrubbed]:[xxx]. Giving up.

It’s probably all selected guard nodes are gone and Tor is not picking new ones. The only solution is to restart Tor manually.

sudo systemctl restart tor@default

After restarting Tor the connection is up again.

Is it safe to make cron job that detects Tor connectivity and restarts Tor daemon? Has Whonix any built-in tool for checking that?

Or alternatively, can you configure Tor to pick another guard nodes when they’re off for large amount of time? How is it insecure?

The second issue, /var/run/tor/log grows up and when tmpfs goes to 100%, Tor connection breaks and the only way to restart Whonix-Gateway or (if still possible) stop Tor, delete this file and start again.

sudo systemctl stop tor@default
sudo rm /var/run/tor/log
sudo systemctl start tor@default

Most logged infomation are useless. Where can I change logging level?

Could be a general Tor network issue. An active attack on specific Tor users is also conceivable as part of searching for a specific user. If traffic keeps getting interrupted at one side, it also gets corrupted at the destination. Correlate.


I recommend:

One issue = one forum thread please.
Please create a separate forum thread for that.

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