Long Wiki Edits Thread

0brand via Whonix Forum:

These changes might be confusing for (new to Whonix) users. I wonder if that should be split into Onionizing Qube and Non-Qubes pages.

  1. Onionizing Qubes Templates and Tor Project.
  2. Onionizing Non-Qubes VMs and Tor Project

“and Tor Project” maybe on the page but also confusing in page title.

I’d like to add a note about the clusterfuck that is the WPA2/3 standards. Where does this go?

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Ca we run the mediawiki extension that check for dead links and replaces them with their offline archived versions form archive.org?

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Where does magic-wormhole stuff go?

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HulaHoop via Whonix Forum:

Where does magic-wormhole stuff go?

https://www.whonix.org/wiki/FAQ#Reporting_Guidelines was updated just now.

Now requiring context.

* Context - How has this issue affected you? What are you trying to accomplish? Providing context helps us come up with a solution that is most useful in the real world.


Came up in context of TBB-Whonix Specific Issues since it was not clear at time of writing what was tried to be accomplished.

We are using https://www.whonix.org/pipermail/whonix-devel/ as much as possible if we communicate with e-mail based issue trackers such as Debian BTS, contact other e-mail lists or individuals. It’s a useful public archive of communications. Where could we add the link to our archive https://www.whonix.org/pipermail/whonix-devel/ in our wiki?

Maybe https://www.whonix.org/w/index.php?title=Design&type=revision&diff=46921&oldid=46847 suffices.

Perhaps the contact page too?

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I made a few changes to the page. This might be a good alternative to a new page? I think it separates/defines the Qubes onionizing from the Non-Qubes onionizing sections. Please let me know if its likeable or not.

Now, if the long term goal is to separate projects as much as possible (Qubes from Non-Qubes) I can go ahead and move each to its own page. One again, please let me know.


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Getting really good! Made some minor edits such as a consistent introduction text which could use critical review.

Take note that while Whonix ™ maintains both v2 and v3 onion addresses, it is strongly encouraged to prefer v3 .onion connections which provide additional improvements and security benefits over the v2 legacy system. [2]

Do we need this in introduction? Perhaps move to the Whonix repository template?

Since it is now split in a more user friendly way: i.e. split by the user able to choose its platform rather than package repository… For consistency… What do you think about to abolish the standalone, merge (duplicate) please Onionize Tor Project Updates into the both Whonix sections above? Or just briefly mention it and then have the onionized section at https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tor_Versioning instead?

Other corner cases: What about Debian users who are using https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Whonix_Packages_for_Debian_Hosts or other custom repositories? Suggested solution: a section below introduction or better(?) a template for each platform (since specific Debian based vs Fedora based [dom0]) which: teaches the user and advises to manually review all repository configuration files?

It looks really good now. I like how Fedora stands out from the rest of the Qubes templates.

This part is what my eyes focus on:

Note: Updating Fedora templates exclusively over Onion Services is not possible.

Good idea (whonix repo template)

I like this idea (merge). That way there are two sections i.e. Qubes and Non-Qubes.

Each platform (Fedora, Debian ) can have an template instructing users to inspect/review repository config file. And what to look for when doing so. I think that would be a good idea.

I’m up to the task :wink:

Edit: Someone took care of the nits for me. I suspect torjunkie :slight_smile:

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Looks much better. Agree with you that merging might be better.

Re: GSOD - well done guys and gals on acceptance and interest already in forums from computer science students etc. +1 :slight_smile:


https://www.whonix.org/w/index.php?title=Tor_Browser&type=revision&diff=47025&oldid=47024 awesome, thanks for the notice! Yes, if we can, keeping users up to date on current events provides immense value. Turned this into a news too.

A post was merged into an existing topic: TODO research and document - How to use Tor Browser for security not anonymity? How to use TBB using clearnet?

It would be a big help If we could rebrand/rename the browser. It really is a

  • Hardened browser
  • Security hardened browser
  • Advanced security browser
  • Security focused browser (don’t like this one)

How about adding this to qubes documentation? Maybe just to the Whonix section at first?

Not right now, sometime in the future I could.


0brand via Whonix Forum:

How about adding this to qubes documentation?

Great idea!

That would give it more exposure.

Made a few changes to onionizing repositories. Merging the Onionizing Tor project updates didn’t work out. It just didn’t look right regardless of how it was formatted. I’m going to move to https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tor_Versioning (tomorrow). Also working on the templates for inspecting the repository files. We currently have instructions to “test” repositories after onionizing, but beginners likely don’t know what that means.


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