Long Wiki Edits Thread

re fix plural which were wrecked by TM changes


  • Shouldn’t do manually. Too much work.
  • I’ve read in English, if it’s a TM ,the rule is: don’t use plural, correct?
  • I would like to keep templates for project name like {{workstation_product_name}} (this isn’t fully done):
    • this makes it easier for third parties to fork Whonix should they desire so (project name becomes an interchangeable variable).
    • also makes it easier (perhaps in future) to change the ™ to ® or whatever in future

https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/Licensing#Wiki_Links has a collection with all new wiki templates related to project name.

If you like to change == paragraph title names == (to remove TM), could you please use the wiki templates, and add an anchor with the TM including name? That way, most of the wiki internal links would continue to work.

For example, on https://www.whonix.org/wiki/About

= {{project name}} Version =

could be changed to

{{Anchor|{{project name}} Version}}
= {{project name short}} Version =

Whenever changing a paragraph title names it’s useful to leave the old version as an anchor if it’s like that this is a wiki internal link too. That way we don’t need to update any wiki internal links and it’s no problem if we forget any.


{{Anchor|{{project name}} Version}}

will not work.


{{Anchor|Whonix Version}}

might be needed. Not sure yet. May only not work inside wiki tables. On https://www.whonix.org/wiki/About it is functional.

Created the Template:


With the exception of the variable(s) for the Template, I have everything ready to go for the onionizing repository page. This template witll be used for debian.list for the following Templates/VMs

  • Qubes Debian
  • Qubes-Whonix
  • Non-Qubes Debian
  • Non-Qubes-Whonix
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variable added: https://www.whonix.org/w/index.php?title=Template%3AOnionize_Debian_Sources.list&type=revision&diff=46519&oldid=46505


{{Onionize Debian Sources.list

{{Onionize Debian Sources.list

https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Template:Onion-grater-warning is new template in use for all Whonix supported applications that require an onion-grater whitelist extension, i.e. bisq, onionshare, ricochet and zeronet.

Onionizing repositories has been updated.


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@0brand something about your avatar has changed :slight_smile: for the better!


I like it! Now, if I could only get people to stop calling me “brand”.

To define something by saying what it’s not is often very bad. Non-Qubes-Whonix is god-awful.
Non-Qubes-Whonix means Non-Qubes and Non-Whonix or Non-QubesWhonix?
Which then also leads to - due the lack of any better - weird names like Non-Qubes Debian.

Also rather than calling it Qubes-Whonix we could consider changing all:

  • Whonix Qubes
  • Whonix VirtualBox
  • Whonix KVM


  • Whonix for Qubes
  • Whonix for VirtualBox
  • Whonix for KVM


  • Whonix on Qubes
  • Whonix on VirtualBox
  • Whonix on KVM

These changes might be confusing for (new to Whonix) users. I wonder if that should be split into Onionizing Qube and Non-Qubes pages.

  1. Onionizing Qubes Templates and Tor Project.
  2. Onionizing Non-Qubes VMs and Tor Project
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Working on making https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Configuration_Files Whonix unspecific, since it applies to most in not all linux distribution. There my question:

What are the most/most popular configuration drop-in folders? Or perhaps that’s difficult to research… What are the configuration drop-in folders that you are using? (These will be used as examples.)

OK. I’ll just wait as unman is in no hurry it appears.


I’m not gonna sweat the small Whonix TM stuff at the minute. Too much else that is important to work on. Maybe later.


This is better IMO. The others are too wordy.

Only if they don’t understand what “Non-Qubes Debian and Non-Qubes-Whonix” means. Also quite small sections. “Non-Qubes Debian” could just be renamed as “Debian” for clarity in the interim.

I think it’s clear enough. The better solution might be Patrick’s idea -> rename the convoluted distro variants that currently exist everywhere (although it will no doubt cause a thousand wiki breaks ala Whonix TM of late).


What about:

  • Whonix ™ Qubes
  • Whonix ™ VirtualBox
  • Whonix ™ KVM


  • Whonix-VirtualBox ™ (Don’t have rights to VirtualBox trademark.)
  • Whonix-KVM ™ (Don’t have rights to KVM trademark.)
  • Whonix-Qubes ™ (Qubes is a partner.)


The latter fits better wit the established writing of:

  • Whonix-Gateway ™
  • Whonix-Workstation ™

but has ™ issues.

And then also

  • Whonix-Gateway-VirtualBox ™ (Don’t have rights to VirtualBox trademark.)
  • Whonix-Gateway-KVM ™ (Don’t have rights to KVM trademark.)
  • Whonix-Gateway-Qubes ™ (Qubes is a partner.)


  • Whonix-VirtualBox-Gateway ™ (Don’t have rights to VirtualBox trademark.)
  • Whonix-KVM-Gateway ™ (Don’t have rights to KVM trademark.)
  • Whonix-Qubes-Gateway ™ (Qubes is a partner.)


  • VirtualBox Whonix-Gateway ™
  • KVM Whonix-Gateway ™
  • Qubes Whonix-Gateway ™


  • Whonix-Gateway ™ VirtualBox
  • Whonix-Gateway ™ KVM
  • Whonix-Gateway ™ Qubes


Some combinations don’t fit well with .

I am not too worried just yet. Renaming of terms that include somethingQubessomething and somethingWhonixsomething already done ( added) and not too much broke in the wiki. Since these terms are templates now, changing them might be as easy as changing the wiki template. In theory. :slight_smile:

I think this is the best:


looks more elegant but could be confusing. “Whonix Qubes” is a certain type of Qubes. Whonix is an adjective in this case. Sounds like we have revised Qubes in some way. Not correct.

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The page

Includes screenshots from XFCE. Perhaps that contributes to the confusion discussed above.

Also, does 5. VirtualBox Screen Resolution Bug relevant for this page?

which only occurs in the XFCE version of Whonix in VirtualBox.

Last point, the table under

1. Download Whonix Whonix old logo.png CLI for Windows Windows logo - 2012.svg.png, Mac Rsz osx.png and Linux Tux.png FREE

includes (also) instructions / link to verify the KVM image, while we are on a VirtualBox page.

I realize this all comes from template reuse. I would say - the one single obstacle to bringing homepage / wiki from “B” to “A”.


This looks pretty good.

(Although I don’t like the decision to do TM all over the place. I don’t remember any other distro doing that e.g. Debian, Windows etc. It seems excessive if you are reading Whonix TM on every 5th line. Better to just highlight the TM issues on whonix.org main page or main ToC IMO. :slight_smile: )

This would be consistent with above, and no trademark infringements as you say.

Welcome sheep - you contributions are most welcome & we’d love to see you join the regular editing team BTW.

Easy fix -> the conjunction: Whonix-Qubes.

Glad someone else is noticing the finer stuff. Please consider editing proper (most Whonixers are scared for some reason, except for a few regulars).


Non-ideal indeed. It might be changed as I improve my legal understanding. Low priority though.

Me neither, but others don’t necessarily work towards maximal legal protections. A lot legal knowledge aggregated in non-FLOSS fields was never even considered the FLOSS world (or so invisible that very few got aware). If that sounds cryptic, here are two examples where I elaborated:

sheep via Whonix Forum:

The page


Includes screenshots from XFCE. Perhaps that contributes to the confusion discussed above.

Also, does 5. VirtualBox Screen Resolution Bug relevant for this page?


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