Long Wiki Edits Thread

Does https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Install_Software#GUI_Applications_with_Root_Rights belong to that page?

Migrated Tor Project Updates to Tor Versioning.



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Could you add content to https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Hardware_Threat_Minimization#Speaker please? @HulaHoop

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@HulaHoop i cant install or do any step with your installation instructions. Please whenever you are free update your instructions to be fitting with Debian Buster as a host.

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To make sure users are clear it’s non-Tor, I’d add “clearnet” somewhere (or perhaps another “non-Tor” synonym if there is any).

  • Hardened Clearnet Browser
  • Secure Clearnet Browser

These links added in https://www.whonix.org/w/index.php?title=Tor_Browser&oldid=47110&diff=cur conflicts with the Whonix way of getting new versions (Tor Browser Updater by Whonix developer).

What step exactly? I always update the guide to follow what Debian version is stable at the moment.

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The leaks mentioned in https://www.whonix.org/wiki/File_Sharing#The_Tor_Project only apply when used outside of Whonix. At the moment it sounds like Whonix users would be affected too. Can we point that out without making it an invitation?

Found the perfect spot for Tor Browser without Tor. I’ll rename this page Security / privacy enhanced browsers.

I’ll have to modify the the content for Qubes but most of the page can be copied as is (with attribution).

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--baseuri is unfortunately not implemented. I didn’t have ideas how to do it back then. Perhaps standardize instructions and have user do it manually similar to all other instructions?

That would be easier for users unfamiliar with Whonix apt repo.

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The issue of burdensome and repetitive instructions on a single page regarding the different ways to edit a text file was discussed before. I was recently surprised to find this taking place even on the KVM installation instructions page.

I would like to suggest the following be added to the top of every guide-style page that requires editing text files:

Editing text files
In this guide [/page] we use nano [optional: link to a very quick guide, added below] as a text editor. If you prefer a graphical editor use mousepad (on XFCE) or kwrite (on KDE).
For example, instead of:

nano filename [or always sudo nano?]


kdesudo mousepad filename

Then, all the instructions throughout the page will only use nano instead of the repeated clause "if you are using… then… ".

To make things more friendly I wrote the following “very quick guide” mentioned above (should appear on a dedicated page, containing only that):

Nano is a popular and simple text editor in Linux. Basic usage:

  • Open the file for editing by typing in terminal:

nano filename

  • If the file was created by root, we need to use sudo to get proper privileges:

sudo nano filename

  • If you try to edit a file that does not exist, nano will create the file.

Essential keyboard shortcuts:

  • To save: CTRL-O
  • To Exit: CTRL-X
  • Moving the cursor is done using the arrow keys or Page Up and Page Down. Mouse click does not move the cursor.

More keyboard shortcuts:

  • To delete a full line: move to that line, then press CTRL-K
  • To search: press CTRL-W, then type the text you wish to find, then ENTER.

Formatting can be improved of course.
More can be added, but I think it’s unnecessary. Better keep it short. Even the search function is probably not required for the tasks users are expected to follow throughout the guides. We may add:

For the complete features, type

man nano

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Yes if we talk about stable which is stretch then that might be still working , but im using now buster and testing it with vbox-whonix-15. so instructions for e.g which doesnt work like

virsh -c qemu:///system net-define Whonix-External.xml

It says:

error: failed to get network ‘Whonix-External’
error: Network not found: no network with matching name ‘Whonix-External’

This one i faced in buster , i dunno if something changed as well in stretch.

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No problem. BTW I forget why the v3 onion Whonix download links were removed form the relevant template(s)?

I saw someone (not me) editing KVM instructions talking about this exact naming issue (and name change) recently? Didn’t look closely, but something about Whonix (or external?) being dropped from network name.

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I dunno if thats the case then again wiki instructions must be updated to solve this issue.

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This ticket has some nice resources for testing screen resolution leaks from Tor Browser.

Where can I add this?


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https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Browser_Tests fits and add a link from https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tor_Browser/Advanced_Users too?

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1. The second, extra Whonix-WS firewall wiki info went MIA? Is it deprecated / no longer under development? If so, there are a few references to it here and there that need to be removed from wiki e.g.


Consider enabling the optional (extra) Whonix-Workstation ™ firewall.

2. Also this recommendation in the “Expert” section - what about Coreboot? Should we add it - did anyone ever get Whonix running on it? (never tried - way, way too hard :wink: ) cc: @madaidan

Libreboot is a free, opensource BIOS or UEFI replacement (firmware) that initializes the hardware and starts the bootloader for your OS.


It is default enabled for a while now.

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