gateway as proxy for tor

I know that this has been many times discussed through several subject but I would like to know if it’s possible.
here: How to route Windows internal network to Whonix?
or here : Using whonix gateway as virtual access point

but would it be possible to open a third netword card, apply some rules, open the 9050 port in the rules of virtualbox and use it to reach the proxy. Like for example to get thunderbird reach tor with torbirdy through your gateway?

I know it’s not supported, I jsut want to know if it’s feasable or if you locked everything to render that impossible?

Whonix is Freedom Software.

In that tradition, Whonix doesn’t implement deliberate technical hurdles to prevent what advanced users and/or developers from custom modifications.

Feasible possibly yes.

third interface:

Whonix Firewall contains options to configure multiple interfaces.

Also then Tor config needs to be modified to bind on that IP.

But likely a third interface maybe isn’t even needed. Access Tor running inside Whonix-Gateway from the host was accomplished years ago. On https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Advanced_Documentation under Esoteric Issues we have this wiki page:

This is very esoteric and you probably don’t need it! Advanced users only!

Not tested since Whonix ™ 0.5.6. May or may not work. Might need changes for later versions.

Indeed. For reference:

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Thanks. Will cautious read the esoteric way and see if I have any question :slight_smile:
Thanks again

I can confirm that the solution through the first interface connected to NAT is working still hard and strong on whonix but with some modification since virtualbox change a bit or maybe I’m being too obessional.
it would be better to link the VM through a NAT network you created in place of NAT to have the ability to redirect ports. And when you redirect ports, it would be best to put the guest IP. I don’t know we didn’t do it before actually since if not, I don’t see how the process could know where to direct the packet.
I will try later for the third connection, I would find it less messy to pass it through in a third interface.

Redirect ports from where to where?


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