How to route Windows internal network to Whonix?

Hello. I installed on Virtualbox Win XPvpn - Whonix - Win XP. I want to connect the Internet via the Internet connection to the Internet via the internal network. ) - Whonix - Internet on Win XP1.

The Internet is served in Win XP VPN through the “Internet” adapter, and then the Internet goes to the “Open vpn” adapter, then the Internet from Openvpn goes to the “internal network” adapter (in this adapter you need to write settings for Whonix)

I connected Whoniks and WinXPvpn through the internal network intnet, but the Internet does not go into Whonix.

Please tell me what settings I need to register for the adapter’s “internal network” so that the Internet can be served from Win XPvpn to Whonix via the internal network? I wanted to publish three images for clarity, but I can’t do that, so there’s only one image.



Its hard to understand what your asking.


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Taking a host internet adapter and routing it into Whonix is unsupported.

0brand, I probably asked about routing. I am not good at building network routes.

Patrick, Very sorry. I thought I could configure Whonix to work through an internal network adapter.

As for routing arbitraryVMs thorugh Whonix-Gateway, see:

For combinations with VPN, see:

But note that separate VPN-Gateway is undocumented/unsupported for Whonix VirtualBox / KVM.

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