focus on Whonix core development

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to Whonix and encourage all those who would like to contribute in the future. I enjoy collaborating with you and helping you get up to speed on the inner workings of Whonix.

Unfortunately, with the present shortage of manpower and funding, I have no choice but to focus my own efforts on the core functionality of Whonix. This means that those of you working on major non-core enhancements will need to be resourceful and persevere on your own (or with the help of others) until more core developers and administrators step forward to reduce my workload. I encourage you to software fork Whonix and progress at your own speed until we have the resources to review and merge.

While your projects are important to you and the community, please also keep in mind that you can greatly impact the health of Whonix by working on some of the open tasks at The more people that help with open tasks, the more features we can add to Whonix in the future.