I2P Integration

even more clear for the story:-

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we’re only reseeding with Tor, it’s not TCP only, this should give us some protection against blocking the Reseed URLs.

Thats why we’re going to have multiple TBBs because we want the fingerprint protection (whats left of it when we modify it) from the TorBrowser.

i wouldn’t say years but yes this is why we’re going to make it optional ,i talked to some I2P folks and they prefer I2Pd over Java and for people with low Memory this would also be needed.

yeah, but this will be solved either by the I2P devs when they Bundle it or when they add it as deb package,
until then we need to fetch it via I2P and have a small workaround.


because Tor just TCP , so u wont have the chance for UDP traffic.

  • i would suggest if we want to update/upgrade the distro thats going to be only through Tor (with apt-trasport-tor and debian onion repos).

  • Remove any outside proxy. since i2p itself doesnt support or acting well with outproxies i would suggest if we remove them completely from the router.

i wouldnt say i2pd is not good if its completed , but there r alot of features they need to add one of the as e.g compression of the traffic and each day they r adding stuff from i2p-java. so it will really take time since add to that not much of testers to it. (check kovri as well if they progressed more than i2pd)

u can download i2p from debian buster repos. but there r alot of stuff there need to be added. also the one whos working on it has disappeared as last time i checked.

at any rate if u want to test some stuff i can help u

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we don’t need UDP for Reseeding, after I2P has fetched the Router Information from the Reseed Server it’s going to connect directly (without Tor) to the I2P Network.
We could do it without Tor (there will be a config file for that, if for example Tor is blocked to disable it ) but i like to use it because its already there (no need to configure Tor) and we get the above mentioned benefit.

yes, we don’t change that

yes, already done, because of Tor we don’t need outproxies

yes correct, i check the Repo quite often to see how they progress with it. I wouldn’t count on Kovri, although i like Monero but their way of managing it is quite a disaster, plus the Dev is really inexperienced with the Code base, i’ll keep an eye on it nonetheless.

i meant I2PControl, which hasn’t been added to the Debian Repo AFAIK

mhatta ?

Thank you

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yeah i think still not yet.

yeah . seems to be hes busy or so.

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focus on Whonix core development

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to Whonix and encourage all those who would like to contribute in the future. I enjoy collaborating with you and helping you get up to speed on the inner workings of Whonix.

Unfortunately, with the present shortage of manpower and funding, I have no choice but to focus my own efforts on the core functionality of Whonix. This means that those of you working on major non-core enhancements will need to be resourceful and persevere on your own (or with the help of others) until more core developers and administrators step forward to reduce my workload. I encourage you to fork Whonix and progress at your own speed until we have the resources to review and merge.

While your projects are important to you and the community, please also keep in mind that you can greatly impact the health of Whonix by working on some of the open tasks at https://phabricator.whonix.org. The more people that help with open tasks, the more features we can add to Whonix in the future.


No worries,i have to thank you for your help, the main Problems got solved, the remaining Problems should be solvable without your Contribution.

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Updated first post with instructions (not finished)

@HulaHoop did you manage to change TBBs config to use privoxy ? I’m running against a wall with this

did use i2p java or i2pd…etc?

also which virtualization u gonna support? vbox,xen,kvm,qemu ? (hope not vmware)

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xen, maybe vbox and kvm later

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thats awesome. r u gonna include jetty and susi by default?

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jetty is going to get included but not enabled by default

susi yes definitely

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I was digging up tutorials and concepts, haven’t tried it out yet. If you give details on how you are configuring it we can work out whats causing problems.

Some guides but they likely won;t work for us since Tor is not running on localhost

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It should work for all hyperivsor platforms since this layer is transparent to the OS especially in this case.

Install Privoxy in the Gateway

Edit the firewall rules /etc/whonix_firewall.d/50_user.conf and add

In the Workstation

i’m using socat to forward the Port

@TNT_BOM_BOM could you please test the setup

sure, do u have the tested template/ova …etc available for download? or only instructions how to change whonix to work with i2p?

Here’s the problem. You need it on the WS to intercept and .i2p domains in TBB and transparently redirect them to the local (or in your case the GW IP of I2P)

Tried that also, with no success