[workaround available] i2p no longer works with the latest tor browser

According to the update at Invisible Internet Project (I2P)
Accessing i2p’s webinterface on using Tor Browser is no longer possible due to a change in Tor Browser by The Tor Project. You could set to transparent torification, but then you would be vulnerable fingerprinting issues. See ticket for more.

and to what I just tried, the config page can’t be accessed anymore.

Is setting to transparent torification the only option, and what does it mean? How do we do it?
Once it’s configured can we turn it back?

Iceweasel is included as an unsafe browser, did you try that?

I don’t think unsafe browser is appropriate vocabulary here.

As far as someone (me) shared it’s knowledge, yes.

The short answer is, don’t do it for security reasons.

The long answer is:
no one documented the real implications in user understandable way yet. Technical details can be found by understanding this ticket:

See Tor Browser Essentials.

Undo what you did at Tor Browser Essentials.

I read Tor Browser Essentials.
but I really don’t understand what I’m doing t here.
Does it mean we don’t go through tor if we do that?

is i2p over tor a no go at the moment? :frowning:

Does it mean we don't go through tor if we do that?
Anything started from Whonix-Workstation always goes through Tor.

“At the moment” → seems rather permanent unless someone contributes by understanding and fixing this issue.

If “no go” applies is difficult to say. You can poke around with Tor Button’s proxy settings or use Iceweasel. Do I recommend it? No. Would be pseudonymous rather than anonymous.

The root of this issue is that i2p developers are not working on and need help solving the following issue:
users can be deanonymized with browser fingerprinting

Thank you for the info!
Still I find it rather hard to understand, so if someone that did it have the time to write a step by step, would be great!

Seems that lots of people are struggling with this one and there still isn’t solution.
Tails should have those problems too?

I don’t think there is much hope for step by step instructions since that change in Tor Browser.

The root of this issue is that i2p developers are not working on and need help solving the following issue:
users can be deanonymized with browser fingerprinting

I think Tails has the same issue:

I don’t think either Tails or Whonix are going to solve this issue as long as i2p developers don’t fix the root of this issue.

That’s unfortunate!

With the risk to be pain in the ass, I’m not sure what exactly we are risking if we do that with the proxy settings.
Our Tor identity can be related to our i2p one or there is more to that?

When you use Iceweasel, then Tips on Remaining Anonymous. applies. Risk should be no worse than without Whonix.

When using Tor Browser, the risk is unclear, it needs someone to throughly read, understand and document Can requests to be used to fingerprint the browser? (#10419) · Issues · Legacy / Trac · GitLab. This might apply to using Iceweasel as well.

topic split:

There is now a workaround documented using foxyproxy for some time.
Invisible Internet Project (I2P)

@HulaHoop does that still work?

Wondering about the following…

Use a second instance of the Tor Browser, multiple VM Snapshots or multiple Whonix-Workstations.

Would it be correct to add a note…

This is to reduce fingerprinting issues. (Which are documented under Tor Browser, Local Connections.)


Yes the I2P guide is working.

Wondering about the following…

Yes correct.

Done, added that:
I2P: Difference between revisions - Whonix