Whonix XFCE Development

I am not sure we can fix that VirtualBox guest additions vs screen issue. On second screenshot looks like guest additions are properly working. Which means they are probably installed. That’s what we can work on in Whonix. However, the bug of not initially using all the screen is a guest addition bug which we most likely can’t fix at Whonix.

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Yes, please remove pulseaudio from hardened-desktop-applications-xfce since we arelady have it in non-qubes-vm-enhancements-gui.

Newer version of virtualbox might have more/less bugs related to guest additions vs initial non-full screen bug.

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Whonix-Gateway XFCE (and CLI) keyboard layout bug confirmed and fixed in git.

At least until/if we figure out how to disable that scary warning.

One option is to chmod +x but that breaks on package upgrades (when xfce terminal is upgraded that package upgrade would result in loosing the chmod +x so it’s not a reliable option.)

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Confirmed. Only happening for me for Whonix-Workstation-XFCE. Can’t reproduce with Whonix-Gateawy-XFCE. “Hopefully” a heisen bug which we’re lucky to not hit in then next build.


  • Whonix-Workstation-KDE by default freezes with 8 Tor Browser tabs.
  • Whonix-Workstation-XFCE by default still works fast with 8 Tor Browser tabs.

So now I am on a rampage to get Whonix XFCE the default Whonix stable download ASP.

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Could you please explain (so I can add) or add how to change the keyboard layout in XFCE?

Similar to Whonix CLI Development I also reduced the delta between non-qubes-whonix-gateway-xfce and non-qubes-whonix-workstation-xfce.

Either use the cli: “setxkbmap us” with the language you want. In the gui go to applications --> settings --> keyboard --> layout --> disable “use system defaults” --> add your layout at the bottom --> remove the old layout --> close



Whonix XFCE (and Whonix CLI) developers-only upload in progress.

These don’t have the meta packages changes discussed here yet:

Upload complete. Untested.

Feel free to re-suggest this one.

We can’t get rid of orage unfortunately since package xfce depends on it.

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Whonix XFCE call for testers announcement is immanent. Any strong warning against it? Anything you’d like to mention?

Wiki already updated.

XFCE shall soon become the Whonix stable default download. It may still be a bit rough in the edges usability wise but still a ton better than KDE due to lower resource requirements / less VM freezes. Leaks are unlikely.