replacing kdesudo with gksudo



Whonix hardcodes kdesudo a few times.

Should I just port Whonix to be using gksu or gksudo?
Or is there yet another, even better alternative? //cc @HulaHoop
[If that is possible (hopefully, probably is)]
(Still need to learn the exact differences between gksu or gksudo and experiment.)

Whonix XFCE Development
Whonix for VirtualBox with XFCE - Release Candidate 1 - Testers Wanted!
Whonix for VirtualBox with XFCE - Release Candidate 1 - Testers Wanted!

We might not be able to get rid of kdesudo. We may not be able to replace it with gksudo unfortunately.

When /home/user/.Xauthority file does not exist (happened to be in a Qubes Debian DispVM) gksudo aborts with an error message.

Failed to run kwrite as user root.

Unable to copy the user’s Xauthorization file.

Error copying ‘/home/user/.Xauthority’ to ‘/tmp/libgksu-HPjE7g’: No such file or directory

It has an ugly first time popup as well. (Not a blocker.)

Granted permissions without asking for password

The ‘kate’ program was started with the privileges of the root user without the need to ask for a password, due to your system’s authentication mechanism setup.

It is possible that you are being allowed to run specific programs as user root without the need for a password, or that the password is cached.

This is not a problem report; it’s simply a notification to make sure you are aware of this.

[ ] Do not display this message again

I couldn’t figure out yet where the setting is stored after checking that box.


but still possible to solve out (later work around). i dont think any user gonna welcome mixed package between 2 DEs.


I think a wrapper covering most common terminals would be the way to go as it’s more furutre proof down the line and DE agnostic.


Not mix X with Y alone is a bad argument if it’s only for the sake of “not mix X with Y”. That level of complaints is pushing it. Too theoretic. Little to none (and none mentioned) practical implications. It requires a high technical sophistication to analyze this (look at packages; know which package derives from where) plus on top a special character to complain about it. Too small user group. Hard to impossible to please user group. Sometimes I even wonder if they’d be even use Whonix or just complain for the sake of complaining. In short: these kind of complains “not mit X with Y for the sake of not mixing” shall not be Whonix indented target user group.

A usability reason to get rid of kdesudo in this post:
Whonix for VirtualBox with XFCE - Release Candidate 1 - Testers Wanted!