KDE -> XFCE (was: getting rid of kwrite and kdesudo kwrite throughout the wiki)

Not easy to replace since there is no generic replacement to write instead of kwrite.

Not what you think perhaps!

gnome-text-editor is just a weird name of /etc/alternatives/gnome-text-editor, i.e. a weird name for “default graphical editor”.

This does by default NOT actually use a gnome editor in KDE, XFCE, etc.

/var/lib/dpkg/info/leafpad.postinst is using:

# Register leafpad as a gnome-text-editor in the alternatives system.
update-alternatives \
	--install /usr/bin/gnome-text-editor \
	    gnome-text-editor /usr/bin/leafpad 40 \

In other words, leafpad registers itself as “gnome-text-editor”.

So once porting Non-Qubes-Whonix to XFCE desktop and Qubes-Whonix to XFCE applications is done, we hopefully can change the wiki to either

  • sensible-editor (preferred, if that works), OR
  • gnome-text-editor (not pretty but closer to being standardized among desktop environments)

kwrite however is not registered as “gnome-text-editor”.

kwrite also does not register as “/usr/bin/visual”. (Old bug report.)


For a transition period from KDE to XFCE we might have to write something like “if you are using KDE, use … (kwrite)”, “if you are using XFCE, use … (leafpad)”.

Help wanted (whatever makes sense):

  • wiki template for kdesudo
  • wiki template for kwrite
  • wiki template for “open in editor”
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Have this on my list as well. :wink:

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We now have:

KDE kwrite vs XFCE mousepad should be sorted except for the things that I overlooked. :slight_smile:

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