Whonix starts first, but after first Screen - Blackscreen



every time i want to start Whonix, it starts in Normal mode, loads only 2 things (RAM and something other) and then there is blackscreen. This on gateaway and workstation. And I cant shut it down, only close.

Does anyone know what my problem is?


Hi 124Freibier

Its difficult to tell.

If none of this helps could you please try creating a Debian VM in VirtualBox and see if you have the same issue.


No, how do I verify the Images?
I’ll try opening the console when I have time later.
RAM shouldn’t be a Problem, i have 16GB and only thing thats opened is VirtualBox when I use it.



Same here. Working install fails to boot reliably after upgrade from VB5 to VB6. Could be VB and/or kernel related. Usually corrects itself if I reboot.

Host is Manjaro(arch) , stable branch, XFCE edition. Kernel 4.19.16-1