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Why are users asking Whonix questions on stackexchange? Do they not realize that Whonix forums exist? If yes, then perhaps the forums should be made more visible on the website (as in not hidden behind the “Support” link). Makes more sense to have Whonix knowledge in one place.


Because stackexchange is explicitly listed here:

I understand the advantages of providing multiple avenues for user communication. It would be a nice feature if the forum software could fetch all the Whonix-related discussions from github, phabricator, tor-talk, qubes-list, stackexchange, etc. In essence, the Forum should subscribe to all of these other services so that users do not have to do so individually. The advantage of having a central repository is that searching is easier / more reliable than having to depend on 3rd party search engines. And it helps ensure greater participation when the user base is small. (Not sure if such functionality exists though.)

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Yes, that would of course be ideal. Unfortunately, indeed I doubt there
are solutions for this in place. The web is disconnected. Connecting
such things can be a future evolutionary step in the development of the www.

In meanwhile I will keep manually mirroring stackexchange questions
here. There are not that many, so it is very much doable. Specifically
these not yet answered.

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I’ll try to look at the questions posted on SE from time to time.

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//cc @HulaHoop

I don’t have much to add besides stable 13 runs fine with these replaced packages but the Workstation 14-dev image build is broken.

He’s more having a KVM installation rather than Whonix issue. SE is not such a great place to debug those.

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Could you invite him to bring his questions here. Without details its impossible to know and the SE format is not idea for posting logs.