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The obvious solution is to try foxyproxy?

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Do we have related instructions to point to?

This I think: Connecting to Tor before a Proxy

Can you create a SSH, OpenVPN, or stunnel tunel from Whonix where the other party is a non-Tor machine and pipe Linphone traffic through this tunel - Tor Stack Exchange

You don’t have to be a stylommetry expert to guess this post was done by our recent noisy guest Larse, Fong6 and now Zoe. Ignoring his BS and personal attacks, the technical answer is: no. One can never connect to server side software running as a onion service unless they are running Tor too.

configuration - DHCPREQUEST: send_packet: Operation not permitted - Tor Stack Exchange

Ah. That’s because we still have dhclient to connect the GW to the virtual NAT and outside world. This won’t happen after 14 because this package will be removed for security to prevent raw socket sorcery.

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