whonix qubes replacement

Hi since Whonix Qubes has quited a while ago did someone already replace his role?


wow you will be very busy indeed then i feel bad for you hopefully we’ll have a volunteer help you out i remember before how you use to say you were always far too busy to maintain whonix on qubes best of luck to you!!!

Hey Joshua and Patrick, I’m just entering into the sphere of computer security. I was concerned by what I believe is my misunderstanding that you are instead talking about documentation here instead of the actual ongoing development of a Whonix + Qubes system?

user WhonixQubes

user WhonixQubes left:

Qubes-Whonix (port of Whonix to Qubes):

well just to answer your question i meant the ongoing development of whonix on qubes,since not only does he have to maintain Whonix but now that the volunteer known as whonixQubes left patrick now maintains Whonix on Qubes,but if you would like to help him out you’re more then welcome to only if you want of course. :slight_smile: