Whonix KVM - Unified tar.gz Download - Point Release

This is a point release.

This release introduces an unified tar archive download. Rather than separate Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation tarballs, from now on, there will only be a single Whonix archive which includes both Whonix virtual machines (VMs).

This will reduce the steps users are required to apply (one download less / only one instead of two downloads), improve usability, make Whonix downloads more standardized compared to other software downloads, and simplify our infrastructure maintenance work. The Whonix split VM design (separate Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation) remains unmodified. Only the process of setting up Whonix is simplified.

Instructions for import and verification of Whonix VMs are not yet updated but remain very, very similar.

Due to issues, downloads are now hosted on sourceforge.net.

Download Whonix for KVM:

Very nice continuing efforts at improving Whonix even in the download package options. Thank you HulaHoop.

BTW, each time I see your nick, you always leave me with imagery of Tahitian or South Pacific grass skirts… so exotic LOL Nice/cute nick

Incidentally, I recall that Whonix has an existing Sourceforge account which however is tagged “alpha” No disrespect or doubt implied but I don’t wish for any souls out there in the Internet wilderness to sow odd questions. There is certainly a good reason for the separate account on Sourceforge. Could you kindly explain. TIA


We’ve had server issues (https://forums.whonix.org/t/whonix-project-looking-for-web-server-sponsor/6971), downloads produce a ton of traffic, and traffic isn’t free, can be very expensive. So we have to offload downloads until a better solution gets implemented.

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