Whonix image builds

New forum thread to discuss Whonix image builds.

Now attempting to build With become the next point relese. Comes with:


Build successful. Upload in process. Release announcement pending.

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Whonix - for VirtualBox - Point Release!

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Am I going to need to build this one instead of 5.1?

1 Like of course. Why build, a later version if there is a newer version with a corresponding stable release from yesterday? Did I somehow create confusion to imply that?

I asked this because I had had already built the now obsolete point releases, but it’s all done now.

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Created update issue - fasttrack repository issue for it.

Down the dependency chain, this currently breaks the Whonix build process.

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Build succeeded and will likely become the next stable point release.

Actually no, there are some issues to be ironed out.

Build succeeded and will likely become the next stable point release.

Indeed. Whonix - for VirtualBox - Point Release! developers repository as of now.

I don’t know if the tb-updater would still fail during the Qubes build process. For test builds could use --tb open to avoid a failing Tor Browser downloading breaking the build process but then Tor Browser might not be including Tor Browser. tb-updater however should work in the resulting image.

There are many improvements in the developers repository but also a very few remaining unstable things. So not yet in testers.

Building Qubes-Whonix from the testers repository would result in upgraded Debian and Qubes packages. None of the developers repository package upgrades are security critical. Only enhancements.

I planned to attempt a new Qubes-Whonix build once everything is stablized.