Whonix - Force traffic to clearnet with no Tor

is there a way to enable connection to navigate in clearnet and not using Tor in Whonix?

I know that is a stupid question and that Kicksecure exists, but for test purposes, I would like to know if I can navigate in Internet with no Tor enable and how.

Thank you in advance

This post answers for me https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Whonix-Gateway_System_DNS

For Whonix-Gateway:
How to UnWhonix ™ - restore clearnet networking

For Whonix-Workstation:
That’s https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Undocumented. Steps should be similar to above.

In generic terms: The generic question then is, how does one grant networking in an isolated VM which is only connected through internal networking to another gateway VM?

  • You’d need to enable IP forwarding on the gateway VM.
  • OR you’d need to add a network adapter to that VM and configure that network adapter.

Just a partial answer. It only explains how to restore clearnet DNS for user clearnet (and user debian-tor). Doesn’t allow user user or root to use clearnet DNS, let alone clearnet TCP/UDP. Also running APT would still be torified due to the uwt wrapper.

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