Whonix CLI commands on Gateway questions

Common CLI commands do not make KVM Whonix Gateway functional since at least Tor Browser on corresponding Workstation does not function properly.

lxsudo anon-connection-wizard
. . .
qt.qpa.xcb: could not connect display
qt.qpa.plugin: could not load Qt platform plugin xcb
. . .
sudo service networking restart
sudo service tor restart
sudo service networking status — > it’s systemd like tor.service

but the performance is terrible. Nothing like VirtualBox GUI tor-connection-panel. Then running systemctl start tor.service does not correct disfunction. CPU 1 & 2 running at 100% constantly with fan on high the whole time.

What “uncommon” commands might work?

anon-connection-wizard - ACW

Using a GUI or CLI? ACW cannot run from CLI.

No one answers the question. If anon-connection is not CLI, then service tor start also does not solve the issue. I do real-world tests. It is not my error. You have either not provided the correct information or the software is not developed fully.