CPU 1 stays at 100% and runs fan perpetually at high speed

I checked with the manager that shows PID and processor graphs and see that CPU 1 (out of several) is at 100% once KVM is turned on and continues even after it is shut down. The fan is running high constantly.

How do I get more information about what is causing that?

What allocates which cores get used? There are 3 virtual like in VirtualBox, right, and then what designates which cores (threads - called “CPU” 1-N) of the physical cpu on a socket?

How can I kill a CPU like a PID process, if I wanted to? How do I get complete control over processor functions? I have coreboot with IME disabled so there is no IME oust. Some cyber attacker just re-broke VirtualBox Whonix so I would like to get KVM running as well as VirtualBox because I am not sending Oracle logs to Guru Meditate.

I doubt the resources to debug this are available in this forum at this time. So Bug Reports, Software Development and Feature Requests chapter Generic Bug Reproduction in Whonix wiki will be most likely required.

Thanks for informing us about the responsible disclosure guidelines. Maybe I can contribute to the project since I get the “fuzzing” so much.

Just discovered a new anomaly where the keyboard can be turned off “spontaneously” (by an outside entity) in VirtualBox.

Can you provide instructions about how exactly you would like PGP encrypted information sent to developers? I have a public key and then I should encrypt zipped logs (VirtualBox and KVM) and send them to a developer via PGP and preface that with information similar to the example chart found in the above Bug Reports link? What about OnionShare or SecureDrop?

That wasn’t what I said.

By saying “Bug Reports, Software Development and Feature Requests chapter Generic Bug Reproduction in Whonix wiki will be most likely required.” means "please look at chapter “Generic Bug Reproduction”. Only that.

Please read this chapter:
Malware, Computer Viruses, Firmware Trojans and Antivirus Scanners chapter Valid Compromise Indicators versus Invalid Compromise Indicators in Kicksecure wiki

Likely there’s no need for any PGP encrypted e-mails. I am confident no responsible disclosure process is needed in this case.

Sophisticated malware doesn’t work that way. And even if it did, even if it was Zersetzung, then I couldn’t help with that anyway.

As for the VirtualBox, don’t send them to me either as I am not a VirtualBox developer.

I did read it when it was first brought up. Does not provide a solution. You says there is likely no advanced malware or Stazi like decomposition. Then you also say there could be viruses and the like. I am using Linux, not Windows, and sandbox with both SELinux and firejail. The only “non-sophisticated” vector could be a virtualized email client on linux. There isn’t much by way of a solution to these possibilities without disposable VMs which I can’t use because of hardware. Compromised firmware isn’t “non-sophisticated.”

I conclude that when there is a “gag order” or someone is labeled a non-person, then every software community attributes the dysfunction to human error while they insist on protections for themselves against the exact sorts of attacks the non-persons they have exiled are actually experiencing.

I bet you’ll call that weird. Then why have you and others developed these security measures? I am not stupid. Things don’t work like they should. No one really answers my questions much.

Snowden was just to cause a chill by letting everyone know the panopticon exists. Real people like me get tortured for years. We don’t live in nice apartments in Russia with hot girlfriends. When you’re a real target, then suddenly everyone claims you’re just for a “glass house” and it’s all your fault if things don’t work and only they deserve privacy and legislative protections and progress. Smells like hypocrisy to me.

By default CPU 1 is assigned to the Whonix-Gateway virtual machine.

You could try adjusting that to use 2 CPUs and it may help to balance the load better.

Are you running on a 3rd generation Intel chip? If so I recall reading those aren’t able to perform and you probably would want to look at some newer hardware.

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