What a boondoggle

The lastest update broke my Tor install completely. I don’t know if the problem is that Tor 6.0.3 is not being downloaded by apt-get command OR that it is being downloaded by that changes to templates are not being passed on to the child VMs. Whonix check does not reveal what version of Tor is installed on the template. Google does not reveal any way to check tor version from command line.

In any event, I have to update each new VM manually to 6.0.3.

I went into the /var/ subdirectory and ran tor from there. i can confirm it still was showing the old version. I then used the whonix tor updater within the template to download 6.0.3 and now all is fine.

The error lied somewhere then in the update process within the template vm but it all good because it is working properly now.

Did you upgrade Whonix 12 to Whonix 13? If so, make sure you followed these instructions:

It seems like you did not purge the anon-shared-build-apt-sources-tpo package as per above instructions which results in getting Tor upgrades from deb.torproject.org, which results in a Tor version that is to new for Whonix anon-gw-anonymizer-config package.

Please don’t use “Tor” and “Tor Browser” interchangeably. Tor Browser Essentials

Correct. This is by Qubes design. Changes to a TemplateVM’s /home/ directory are not passed on to existing child VMs. Tor Browser, as it is installed by Whonix’s tb-updater package is contained entirely within /home/. This means only new VMs will receive the latest Tor-Browser that is installed in the TemplateVM. Existing VMs need to use the internal updater or re-install. Tor Browser Essentials

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