Testers wanted! Tor, anon-gw-anoynmizer-config and qubes-whonix upgrades

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Upgraded packages have been added to Whonix jessie-proposed-updates and testers repository.

  • newer Tor version
  • anon-gw-anoynmizer-config 1.9.2 - bugfix
  • newer qubes-whonix version 5.7-1 - It contains various bug fixes to ensure Qubes R3.2 compatibility.
If you can, please enable such a repository and help test this.


As requested, I’ve been running the jessie-proposed-updates during the last three days.

Operative System:

Qubes 3.2 RC2

Running Whonix VMs:

  1. sys-Whonix: a crucial element in my Qubes infrastructure, since I use it for upgrading all the templates.
  2. anon-Whonix: browsing (Tor Browser 6.5a2-hardened)
  3. irc: chatting with friends.



Kind of tests performed:

Daily use + Whonix Check on any single VM.


No issues or anomalies detected. My laptop is running just fine.

That’s it! I hope this kind of report is OK.

However, if Whonix team need to know something of more specific, I will be glad to help.

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Thank you!

These packages have now been migrated into Whonix jessie (stable) repository.

I’ve been using it lightly for a month with 3.2RC2. Only app I’ve used is Torbrowser and that’s working good. Trying it out with the VPN VM now.
There are far less UI warnings… its a little disquieting. :slight_smile: