Wasabi Wallet in Whonix


Although might be interesting, it’s website says it uses coinjoin, which in my opinion has some risks, which are documented here:

Bitcoin - Whonix

For now, unsupported.

But perhaps someone will figure it out.


You could probably redirect local traffic going to wasabi’s Tor port to the gateway using iptables.

Maybe something like

iptables -A PREROUTING -i lo -p tcp -m tcp --dport $wasabi's_port -j REDIRECT --to-ports $gateway_port

I’ve never tried this though and it’ll probably break.

That’ll likely still make Tor over Tor happen as it’ll probably make its own Tor client open up a new Tor SocksPort. I’ve never used wasabi though so I may be wrong.

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iptables is problematic for that.

We have Dev/anon-ws-disable-stacked-tor - Whonix for that. User documentation:


westtimer via Whonix Forum:

Could I ask you a couple questions to see if im on the right track.

What is roughly required, see this thread:

Identifying and prevention of starts of its integrated Tor binary wasn’t
easy to figure out (
Bisq: The P2P Exchange Network )


  • minor importance for now, a better port number as per:
    Stream Isolation
  • local redirection of Tor port to Whonix-Gateway
  • Is Tor ControlPort access required? If yes, onion-grater profile required.
  • Does it have a mechanism to start Tor (that actually still works in
    Whonix, unlikely) or does it come with its own built-in Tor? Compare ps aux before and after starting the application. find/grep the source
    code, ask upstream developers.

Not rocket science but usually no one is up for it.

In case of bisq I only started working on it 7 months later due to a
professional support request.

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So seeing as Wasabi Wallet detects and uses tor on
because whonix supplies tor to them socks, what would be the best in terms of isolation. Im assuming the last one due to nothing tor wise would be running on that port whereas the first two the hole default system would be piped to them and port 9111 was opened for electrum according to the isolation port table on the support page of whonix.

I am interested in this also. How is it going with wasabi? can you confirm that it does not spin up its own tor and connects to tor through whonix? have you seen any other usability problems?

do you know how to tell if wasabi is using whonix’s tor or creating its own tor instance?

You could try running sudo ps aux and looking for a Tor instance.

by checking the log files for tor log file and main log file.

Im 99.9 sure, I have ran many tests.
Works seemlessly.