Wasabi Wallet 2.0 & whonix

I understand whonix shouldn’t allow as OS tor over tor, but wasabi wallet 1.x used to work really well with tor running inside the app too. I run dedicated VM just for workstation with wasabi wallet on it and now it seems I can’t connect to backend if Tor is “on” in wasabi settings.
My understanding: Turning off tor on whonix is good for everything with the exception of coinjoins, where it changes the trust model. When I turn tor off in settings, server could detect that inputs and outputs come from the same place.
I managed to get bisq running following the instructions in whonix docs, is there any similar step-by-step guide for setting up wasabi?
I’ll appreciate any kind of help

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That could be the case in theory but I am not familiar with that wallet. Therefore: citation required.

I am not aware of it. Meanwhile, consider it Undocumented, Untested or Unsupported Features.

The generic instructions apply (but aren’t specific step-by-step instructions):
How to mitigate identity correlation

I would also be very grateful if you could take a look at this wallet, the second version of the wallet stopped working because of Tor over Tor, but maybe you could do something in your spare time?

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