Updated Screenshots/Images Thread

https://www.whonix.org/wiki/File:RSSlogo.png insufficient? (already on that page)

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@torjunkie i believe all logos mentioned here are fixed?

Mumble easy , available in debian packages i can install and run and take screenshot. but where i should upload it?

Bisq and Zeronet need to do all the instructions mentioned in whonix wiki in order to make it work and take screenshot…

but what is the different between Bisq,Zeronet…etc running in whonix or running in any GNU/Linux environment?

And where to upload their screenshots?

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Yes, all good.

To the Mumble section on the wiki page please.

Bisq & ZeroNet -> fixed

Reasons for capturing in Whonix by the team:

  • no copyright issues
  • gives the reader confidence that it actually works in Whonix
  • provides a double check that current instructions are still functional or require changes + Qubes-Whonix can be a problem for some applications e.g. Wickr Me as a recent example
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I will try upload here first:


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Thanks - I did add some Mumble pics, but your chat window screenshot looks better (when it appeared earlier). You could replace mine with yours in the same spot. :slight_smile:


yours is enough :slight_smile:


Needed screenshots:

  • live mode indicator in persistent mode
  • live mode indicator in live mode
  • perhaps live mode indicator in persistent mode and tooltip (when hovering over with mice)
  • perhaps live mode indicator in live mode and tooltip

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can you put near each one the url location in the wiki where should i upload these requested screenshots? or i upload here?

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Please upload to wiki as usual.


I can then check the upload log and add to the wiki pages VM Live Mode and Host Live Mode as needed.


You could post a link to the upload such as https://www.whonix.org/wiki/File:Factoryreset13124512.png here but that is optional as I can also see the files in the wiki upload log. A short reminder (quote or so) that any screenshots here where uploaded though would be good so we know that was done and that the screenshot is ready to be incorporated into the documentation.

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can you check:

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Thunar screenshot needed here:

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