Updated Screenshots/Images Thread

@TNT_BOM_BOM @0brand (if you want to get in on the party)

Either new snapshots or recent pics in the commons would be good (with proper attribution) for the Screenshots page.

The updated screenshots badly needed thread (add yours here) - let’s get the party started:

1. Flash leak test SocksPort and Transport

(current server versions from 2012).


(update is needed for Screenshots page & Whonix Protection Aaginst Real World Attacks page)

2. Updated ARM controller picture


(Ancient 5 year old pic - we can do better).

3. Tor Browser updates and downloads

We can probably just borrow those updated pics from the Tor Browser chapter for the Screenshots page

4. Replace General Concept diagram with updated one

-> Fixed

5. Snapshot of Desktop with Qubes-Whonix look and feel

(might be some pics in the Qubes-Whonix doc pages we can use there, or some deprecated pages). Added TODO section under “Desktop” section for that.

6. All the whonixcheck GUI and cli snapshots are ancient (2012). We can do better than that.

7. Ditto timesync pics. (Is that even relevant anymore? I don’t see the option in Qubes-Whonix)


While this thread is focused on fixing up the screenshots page in the first instance, feel free to add ancient pics that need updating elsewhere. There’s more than a few of those…


It became sdwdate-gui.


There should also be a start menu launcher.

Your question made me write this post earlier than planned. :slight_smile:

I love parties! :slight_smile:

I’ll see what I can do.

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P.S. I used a temp sys-whonix for the screenshots. Thats not my actual entry guard.


Excellent - thanks 0brand! :slight_smile:

I gather you have to upload this to Whonix server proper (i.e. login [not forums], select upload file etc)? I gather link from forums won’t work (not sure as a permanent resource)?

Keep em coming. If anyone does a flashleak snapshot, be sure to black out relevant parts, then screenshot it again to be sure before applying MAT etc.

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I just tried and messed up?? I’ll have to try again a little later on today and fix.

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sys-whonix with capital W may be confusing. I don’t recommend using the same VM names with different capitalization even if that is possible.

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You don’t miss a thing. I thought I was being sneaky :grinning:

Luckily I didn’t upload those pics to the Whonix server.

When I create new screenshots (upload to server) I’ll update the pics in the above post as well.


I put them in anyway, since it’s better than 5-6 year old pics.

What’s left:

  • Replace all timesync images with sdwdate / sdwdate-gui where appropriate

  • Flash leak test (maybe add Panopticlick or browserleaks.com there also?)

  • Whonixcheck GUI updated pic and progress meter

  • Anything else badly needed?


I’ve been trying to make some changes to in the way I go about my workflow such as not jumping from older task to new ones. I’ve found work on each a little bit at a time is not the way to go. For the amount of time it put into Whonix I’m getting a fraction of what I should be getting done.

I haven’t forgotten about any of the tasks like screenshots (I have everything bookmarked)…I’m just doing a little personal restructuring.

Oh yah, not hanging out on the forum all the time is one of them. Its very distracting when working on my tasks. :slight_smile:

BTW I just looked and screenshots are next :wink:


OK - I’ve fixed most of these. Still need:

  • whonixcheck GUI & progress meter
  • Flash leak tests
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New screenshots to be used for “Multiple Whonix-Workstations” chapter

Qubes Manager Clone Qube

Clone Qube-2 (Enter new qube name)


Create sys-whonix VM (Qubes-R4)



https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tor_Browser#Tor_Browser_Internal_Updater could use a small a screenshot where it says the Torbutton icon will display a yellow triangle. Maybe even an animated gif showing the blinking if that is supported by our wiki?

Uploaded a few electrum screenshots for use with the forthcoming instructions. (already completed. will update the wiki tomorrow)






Have your Whonix/firefox flash-plugin screenshot. Opted to shrink shot instead of cutting and pasting two shots together. It looked crappy.

Let me know if you can use this and I’ll upload to the Whonix server proper. It looks a bit small. If not I’ll go to plan “C” (not sure what that is :thinking:)

//cc @torjunkie’s ocd


Yes please - thanks :slight_smile:

is there any links that needs screenshots ?

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And already added to Screenshots page (or pending edits anyway). Thanks a lot!

Also thanks to @TNT_BOM_BOM for all the recent pics. Nice choices. I think we got most of the main links, but I will keep an eye out for other updates needed.


@TNT_BOM_BOM you asked recently about updated images needed (as you as the snapshot king!) :slight_smile:

This page has 4 year old pics:


These Tor Browser pics below are too old and annoying. Can you please snapshot some Tor Browser 8.0 versions?




I’m sure there will be more, but that would be a nice start.

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