Updated Screenshots/Images Thread


This is Windows malware OS , which i dont have space to install it nor i want to use it due to its time killing even after installation.



Join the Whonix User Forum.
The forums offers fine-tuned options to subscribe by e-mail. In each category
there is on the right side a symbol o .
( Edit | New Topic | o )

(Edit|New Topic| **o** ) could use a screenshot with an arrow pointing at the o and perhaps another screenshot with available forum subscription options.



This one i dunno how to produce it, hopefully i can remember to do not upgrade next time unless i take screenshot for it.


Done! , although these images no more does exist with current updating mechanism:


^^^ i dont know exactly why it showing these broken image icons instead of links.

@mig5 any idea?

Edit: it needs space before i paste the link, kept one link with broken icon as example.


Discourse probably sees the .png extension of the link and thinks ‘OK this is an image’. But in fact it’s not an image, it’s a MediaWiki page. So fails to embed a page as an image.

^ you can see above I paste https://www.whonix.org/w/images/0/05/Tor_Browser_Internal_Updater_Popup.png rather than the MediaWiki URL https://www.whonix.org/wiki/File:Tor_Browser_Internal_Updater_Popup.png and so it works.

Would just ignore. Not worth our while to try and fix in Discourse. Might report a bug upstream.


Thanks a lot. Much better. :slight_smile:

I’ll fix that in the wiki.


BTW it would be nice to have snapshots of these applications below running in Whonix, or (easier) just some Libre images we can insert in those intro sections in the Chat page to break up all the boring text and instructions.

Ricochet IM

Then, we can use the same images (if Whonix-specific) on the Screenshots page, and create a new “Instant Messenger” section there.


Done :nerd_face:


Thanks again for doing this so quickly! :slight_smile:


We need screenshots similar to these:



These are currently used in prominent places

And also on:

Also updated screenshots required for https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Template:VirtualBox_Screen_Resolution_Bug.

Assigned to @TNT_BOM_BOM.


im not sure how to change this one inside the link provided.

but i have updated those links:

with this screenshot:

Note: i dunno what is the command to expand the screenshots there to make them equal in the size.

i will try to provide good one.

hmm not sure what other screenshot , its already there describing the bug.


Screenshot without desktop shortcuts.


This screenshot is good to have in other places (thanks!) please on https://www.whonix.org/wiki/VirtualBox and https://www.whonix.org/wiki/VirtualBox_Testers_Only_Version replace without who ixsetup (cli). This is because whonixsetup (cli) isn’t a good representation of no-GUI / CLI version. The wanted impression for CLI version is “just a black window, where I, advanced user, can just enter stuff in command line and do what I want”.


without copy/paste ability seems hard to provide on my side.


Could you please make a screenshot of Whonix-Workstation including VirtualBox window where login is already done?