Unable to manually install an app on the workstation template.


I have attempted to download the Mullvad browser onto my Whonix-Workstation several times. However, I encountered an issue as the downloaded file came in a .xz format, which means that the browser is pre-installed within the file. I am unsure where to place the downloaded file containing the browser and have tried to put it in both the /user and /root directories. Additionally, I attempted to create a disposableVM with an app shortcut, but the browser did not open. As a result, I suspect that the Mullvad browser is not functioning correctly because it is not in the good directory. Could you provide me with guidance on how to properly install and use the Mullvad browser on my Whonix-Workstation?

Also, I’m curious about the persistence of the /home/user directory in Whonix. Normally, templates /home directories are volatile, but I’ve noticed that my mullvad file in /home/user remains after a system reboot. Can you explain this behavior?

Thank you.

This is a general Qubes question. The same would happen with a Qubes Debian template. Qubes-Whonix won’t add any additional issues in this case.

Therefore this is the wrong forum. See also:

What to post in this Qubes-Whonix forum and what not.

No, they’re not. Templates home folder is persistent. But not inherited by App Qube based on that Template.

The complication is coming from the combination of two non-standard behaviors by two different projects:

  • A) how Qubes implements (non-)persistence, and
  • B) that Mullvad Browser (MB) is a binary installed in the home folder

Therefore it’s probably easiest to install MB in the home folder of an App Qube (or Standalone but that’s fully optional).

Installation of MB in Template will be difficult for most users until MB gets available as a .deb package, flatpak or similar. I wouldn’t hold my breath since this hasn’t happened for TB (Tor Browser) for approximately a decade already.

tb-updater (by Kicksecure / Whonix developers) might get support for downloading Mullvad Browser, tracked here:

This would simply this process.

Additional information:

For this you need a strong understanding of Qubes persistence. Maybe this helps:
Qubes-Whonix ™ Overview chapter Qubes Persistence in Whonix wiki


Hello @Patrick, thanks for replying ! Sorry if I didn’t used the good forum, i’m new in that world so I didn’t knew where I could ask that…

No, they’re not. Templates home folder is persistent. But not inherited by App Qube based on that Template.

That’s good to know. Thanks for all man !