Torbrowser not starting

or could u possibly run me through it on a discord call since I’m a little dumb

discord is proprietary software which is discouraged to be used anywhere.

please search and learn about using commands in GNU/Linux terminal you
can start with using mint gnu/linux or ubuntu as a starting point.

5h0p1 via Whonix Forum:

Bruh can u just tell me what command’s to run in what order


sudo cp --verbose --recursive --no-clobber
“/var/cache/tb-binary/.tb/tor-browser” “/home/user/.tb/tor-browser”

5h0p1 via Whonix Forum:

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it says “no such file or directory”
do I also put sudo cp --verbose --recursive --no-clobber ?

Please read links to Whonix wiki. Answers usually won’t be copied/duplicated here if already answered in wiki.
Safely Use Root Commands

Don’t. There is no need to copy a folder to user home folder and make it owned by root.

  1. Don’t break permissions as per Safely Use Root Commands

  2. Don’t break as per documentation: Tor Browser Essentials

This should also already be mentioned in the error message, link should be already included there.


well as I said I’m new it gave me a error saying i that tor was not there the first time and said to either debug witch did not work or to run some command to reset the file’s or sum along the line witch also did not work also what do u mean by don’t brake permissions as per? did i brake a rule or something I’m very confused? BTW: I don’t understand coding and scripting that is why i asked if he could just tell me what commands to run in what order I don’t understand what the wiki is saying sorry for the inconvenience

also I was asking here since I read everything and zuass had the exact same issue as me so I wanted to know how to solve it like him he said he executed the command with root privileges because without it he did not have permission and neither do I.

ok i made progress I just don’t know how to check my terminal name so I can add it to the list of terminals with root permission’s.

Links have been provided to specific chapters that apply here. If you do what’s being said there, that should work.

Also just slowly read the error message. It doesn’t say “do run cp --verbose --recursive”. It’s saying:

Failed to run the following command:

cp --verbose […]

And it’s also mentioning…

To fix this, you could try:

I’ve never head this question.

I’ve never head this question either.

Nvm it’s fine what I meant by terminal name is that when I was at the file where u need to select what account’s get Root permission’s it said “type list of terminal name’s here” but it’s fine I ended up deleting the gateway and work station and making a new one and it work’s now.