Tor integration in Whonix

Design documentation:

Platform support for Tor Debian (deb) packages provided by the deb.torproject.org APT repository has been reduced by The Tor Project.


  • amd64
  • arm64
  • armel
  • armhf
  • i386


  • amd64
  • arm64
  • i386

Namely, platform support for armel and armhf has been removed. Therefore these can no longer be downloaded from deb.torproject.org and uploaded to deb.whonix.org.

It always takes a few days between a release announcement on blog.torproject.org and deb packabe availability from deb.torproject.org.

Versions available from deb.torproject.org can be seen here:

New Releases: Tor,, and

Uploaded Tor to testers repository just now.

armhf and armel are on their way out anyhow. Do Debian repos support all Debian archs? This is useful when building Whonix for non conventional platforms like POWER. Can this be easily selected during build time?

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All, don’t know. But more platforms, yes.
Even if the answer for that platform is “yes”, could be that Tor won’t start if Whonix is using Tor configuration features only available in a newer Tor version. Maybe %include is unsupported in Debian buster version. I don’t test that since design was decided as per above post and compatible with all platforms not a higher priority goal.

Currently no. But nobody ever noticed for any unsupported platforms. Possible to add code to skip that Tor package from deb.torproject.org download code.

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