Tor Browser 11.06 - New Identity function error message

Since the update to Tor Browser v11.06, when selecting “New Identity”, this error message appears in Whonix:

Torbutton cannot safely give you a new identity. It does not have access to the Tor Control Port.

Are you running Tor Browser Bundle?

Are you seeing this? Everything else seems functional.

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+1 Can confirm this regression


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This will probably be fixed very soon.

Technical background information for developers:

This worked previously:

Feb 10 18:52:41 host onion-grater[2639]: (filter: 30_autogenerated): → setevents stream
Feb 10 18:52:41 host onion-grater[2639]: (filter: 30_autogenerated): command filtered: setevents stream

Seems Tor Browser got more picky about unexpected Tor control protocol responses.

New behavior will be this:

Feb 10 18:57:19 host onion-grater[5521]: (filter: 30_autogenerated): → setevents stream
Feb 10 18:57:19 host onion-grater[5521]: (filter: 30_autogenerated): suppressed subscription to event ‘STREAM’


I too got this Tor error after updating Tor browser in Whonix yesterday. Uninstalled/reinstalled Virtualbox, reinstalled Whonix OVA, updated gateway/workstation, Tor fine until it auto-updated, then gives the identity error. But restarting Tor browser still gives different Tor exit nodes; schemeflood dot com gave different “device ID” reading different app APIs on different exit relays.

After installing the latest updates and reinstalling Tor Browser the issue is resolved.


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Please tell me how to install the latest updates. update-torbrowser didn’t work.

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I have Whonix v16.0.3.7.

That is what I want to fix. FrankGusta said installing the latest updates resolved the issue. I want to know how to do what he did.

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(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

Perform a standard (“everday”) update. Documentation:

In workstation or gateway?

Quote Follow Whonix ™ Developments

As strongly recommended in the Security Guide, it is necessary to regularly check for operating system updates on the host operating system, and both the Whonix-Workstation ™ and Whonix-Gateway ™.

To be clear, on both workstation and gateway it’s sudo apt update, right? Or is it sudo apt full-upgrade? Or sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/? Or sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade? Maybe I’m not smart enough for Whonix. If anyone else doesn’t know what rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/ means, you aren’t either. The information in that link is not specific to the issue posted in the OP. I don’t know what specifically to take from it. As far as I understand, going into the gateway and making changes is risky behavior. But it seems that the issue in the OP is in the gateway. If the Whonix developers know how to fix the issue, why not make a minor update and release it in Whonix v16.0.3.8? Seems like a trivial thing for you guys and it would save people like me who are not so smart from damaging the gateway and putting ourselves at risk.

Unfortunately, as worded in the disclaimer - excerpt.

This OS is in English. Do not use This OS without excellent knowledge of the English language. Misunderstandings have consequences.

This OS is based on other software, including GNU/Linux, Debian, and virtualization. Do not rely on This OS without working knowledge of these technologies.

Unfortunately it isn’t as simple to use as desired.

Unfortunately not so.

For the record, “SIGNAL newnym” was still effectively being sent to Tor’s ControlPort.

While this error message is confusing, and good that it’s fixed, in this case it didn’t actually break Tor Browser’s communication with Tor’s ControlPort. The message was a false-positive.

firefox.real has been using 60% CPU constantly since the last release. I wonder what happened. (in whonix-ws only)

This is a small thing. Please don’t attribute all sorts of issues to it.
1 issue = 1 forum thread, please don’t mix all sorts of issues into this forum thread.

Could be Tor Browser Consumes 100% CPU after Clock Sync or Suspend/Resume? Could be similar to Tor Browser Crash Errors? Likely unspecific to Whonix? In either case, please open a separate forum thread for this. However, if unspecific to Whonix then that might not help a lot anyhow (see links in this forum post).