thunderbird hangs trying to add an onion email provider

It hangs here for hours. I’ve double checked the settings and tried multiple Tor circuits.

I don’t know if that onion e-mail provider works with Autodetect or any onion e-mail provider works with that. Even many clearnet providers might not work.

This is rather application / e-mail provider specific.

Probably unspecific to Whonix and reproducible without Whonix being involved.

Needs to be resolved as per:

This isn’t the best place for complex Thunderbird support questions.

Might help if there was a guide for using whonix with email because I’m not even sure I’ve got it configured correctly. Whonix came with thunderbird for a very long time. What email client do you support?

For no software there’s a free unlimited setup help is being offered. You’ve been told to ask elsewhere.

I don’t know what this means. Is this english?

Yeah you’ve been making rude, unhelpful, interloping comments on my posts for a while now. I get the impression your ego is overly invested into this forum. Could you please stop?

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thunderbird hangs trying to add an onion email provider - #2 by Patrick

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