Stuck after boot

Hello! I recently installed Whonix and when I first tried it I found it to be very slow so I made the 50-qxl.conf file and rebooted, after that it just doesn’t start. Virtual Manager shows too much CPU and memory usage, so I used virsh console to delete the file and to my surprise after 30 seconds I could see the desktop but again slow and laggy. I guess the file is the problem for me.

This is the file I found on github:

Section “Device”
Identifier “qxl”
Driver “qxl”
Option “ENABLE_SURFACES” “False”

See this thread on how to add more CPUs to your VMs:

On whose Github? We use virtio-vga not qxl anymore.

Thanks for your response.

yours I think, it’s from 2015.

so no need for the file, right?

I added more cpus, it’s still very laggy.

Both this account and setting are obsolete. It was a workaround for a resolved upstream bug. The whole device has been deprecated,


You have to unpin them to see their effect. Alternatively bump up your RAM because you may have demanding applications installed.

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