Ssh connection problems in connection

prejudice people would like to create a connection between a workstation vm whonix and my pc, and after I figured out how to do. create a tunnel between my workstatione and a remote server, but before that I’m having trouble, first I would like to confirm that the command
ssh remote_username@remote_host
remote user is created for the user on the server ssh? in my case FreeSSHd tab users, and remote host is by user name or IP of the machine ?, and here is my question which ip? the inside? if I try with the inside she tells me it is unable to connect to the server but no client is not connected, but if I try to connect by entering the public IP gives me this message 11:20:35 libtorsocks (9894): socks 4 connect rejected 11:20:35 libtorsocks (9894): socks server refused conection

Please rephrase what you are trying to accomplish.

What is that?

Could be an uwt issue.
Ssh is uwt wrapped by default. Forced through Tor.

For local connections, you need to disable or circumvent ssh.


Not sure, but perhaps this is related.

What virtualizer?

UWT wrapper, what is this?
Use virtualbox oracle

I meant circumvent uwt.

Script to configure application for stream isolation which cannot be easily configured that for stream isolation otherwise by a distribution such as Whonix. More information on the Stream Isolation page.

ok I understand, what should I do to fix?

Already answered here:

I need this chain User -> Tor -> SSH ->RDP ->INTERNET

This is not fully documented. Advanced users only. You picked a difficult task.

Read this:

You can either configure your application (rdp) to use the ssh socks proxy or you can configure Whonix-Workstation to use the SSH proxy as a transparent proxy.

Configuring your application to use a ssh socks proxy is less safe in the sense, that there might be leaks, i.e. going only through Tor, but not through the ssh. This is not a Whonix specific problem. I don’t think there is an ssh-Gateway ready to be easily used yet. I mean, there is no such thing for ssh like there is Whonix-Gateway for Tor.

Configuring Whonix-Workstation to use the SSH proxy as a transparent proxy is more difficult, but makes more more sure, that the application is really using the ssh socks proxy. There are some related pointers here:

As per Free Support for Whonix ™ I advice to remove the Whonix specific part of your question. By circumventing/deactivating the uwt ssh wrapper, you sorted out the Whonix specific part. The rest of your question then would only be “How to set up a transparent ssh proxy?”.

I personally won’t be providing more than pointers. No step by step instructions can be expected. Too much effort. And it’s unlikely someone else would do this for free either.