!!! So I do the 100+ pack update and now I have no working internet in Workstation!!

Can someone help me with this fast please??!

I don’t know how to trouble shoot who nix without help. I don’t know what the problem is or how to check.

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what do you get, when attempting to run whonixcheck? Did you change anything in the network section of your workstations VM? What virtualisation solution do you use? Did you do the update on the gateway or the workstation?

These would be the things necessary, to help you.

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Its not running. Tymesync won’t run either. They can’t because there is not internet connection.

I went to network and changed it to NAT from internal…Seems like I recall before the update that it was on NAT so after the update it had somehow switched to internal so I changed it back…

I updated in both workstation and Gateway…I just did the pack updates from the sudo apt-get update (etc)

I use virtualBox

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only the Whonix gateway should be set to NAT, the workstation needs to be setup in this way:

Network -> Adapter 1 -> attached to Internal Network (Important!)

Network -> Adapter 1 -> Name (of Internal Network) (Important!): Whonix

(Note: It’s Whonix, not whonix. Case sensitive. Capital W.)

The reason for that is, that the gateway (over NAT) can connect to the outside world. It then torrifies your connection and (over the internal network) hands it over to the workstation. Please set the settings in the way mentioned above and try again.

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Thats how it was before I changed it. So I changed it back. Restarted Workstation and it the internet still does not work

Im SO frustrated. everytime there is some sort of update I have nothing but issues

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say, does the gateway still have a connection? Because unless you’ve got multiple workstations running simultaniously (which I wouldn’t presume, seeing how you just started it) I really currently have no idea what the problem could be. Are you sure that there wasn’t something changed?

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Yes gateway works and says connected to Tor. I didn’t change anything in either. After it updated I closed them and restarted and not workstation is doing this.

@Patrick help me pleaseeeeee

on the system tray of who nix workstation it says the network is connected but inside its not working

Im about to pull my hair out here. Workstation still doesn’t have a connection inside. It says bootstrap failed but of course it failed it the internet isn’t working. If I go to network management and go to connection settings it just says connecting…why will it not connect?

Whonix VM apt-get updates cannot change VirtualBox settings, because
those are applied on the host. Don’t ever change them.

For the other part, I have no idea.

Since you’re the first report where this upgrade fails out of a few
thousand of users, for now, I assume user error or an error outside of

For the future, I recommend the following.

  1. Keep the update log.

  2. stay tuned - Follow Whonix ™ Developments

  3. help testing before upgrades are released stable -
    News - Whonix Forum

  4. have backups before actually upgrading so you can roll back

SO you have no idea how I can resolve this issue? I upgraded and restarted and this problem started. Everything is connected other than the network inside workstation. What may I have done that could have caused this? I had no idea this was an upgrade or I would have made a back up. It just said my packs weren’t up to date so I applied them as usual.

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at this point, we can only speculate. Your best course of action would be to simply reimport a fresh Whonix 12 image.

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and loose everything I currently have and start from scratch? or try using a shared folder… tons of work. Id rather hear your speculation and try to fix it. Its just trying to connect…there has to be a simple remedy for this.
@Patrick how much will it cost me for you to team viewer in and fix it. I see you offer professional support and I think this is something very minute most likely.

“Wired connection 1 deactivated”

While its trying to connect the first thing it attempts is : “setting network address”

it never makes it past this point.

I seem to be having this problem too.

I had another network problem on my gateway after the update, which was resolved by editing /etc/network/interfaces (whonixcheck fail: tor.pid does not exist after upgrade from Whonix 11 to Whonix 12 - #12 by Patrick)

Everything seemed to be working for a day or two after that. Then I’m not sure if it was after a reset or when it happened but I have lost network connection on my Workstation. Gateway still has a connection. I did not touch Workstation networking.

edit: To clarify whonixcheck on Gateway comes back all good. Whonixcheck on workstation “ERROR: Tor Boostrap Result: Tor’s Control Port could not be reached!”