Small graphic edit task

Could someone please take https://github.com/Whonix/anon-icon-pack/blob/master/usr/share/icons/anon-icon-pack/whonixlock.png and remove the white background?

(So it looks more like https://github.com/Whonix/anon-icon-pack/blob/master/usr/share/icons/anon-icon-pack/whonix.png.)

Done. I think.
Link is good for 7 days.

PNG - http://picpaste.com/whonixlock_t-ODpQPPHy.png

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Looks good:

Made the commit. See the diff here:

I think there is a small problem, the white color in the two inner circles has been removed as well.

Sorry, didn’t know you wanted the two inner circles to remain white.

Fixed here: http://picpaste.com/whonixlock_t-TaBz9CcZ.png

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Do you know why it looks so pixelated ? We can surely do better. ???

I don’t know why it looks pixelated?

If you want to refine it, feel free.

I don’t think we’re using the lock icon as a big version anywhere at the moment.

But we are using the banner (https://www.whonix.org/w/images/e/e0/210-Banner.png) on whonix.org main page, which looks pixelated.

Hi Patrick, if you have source files i could work on it. All that i need is font of “Whonix” logo and “lock” symbol.
Without, i can try to reproduce it but i will spend more time.


Ah, sure. Of course! I didn’t have it in mind since I understand zero about graphic editing. You can get them here:

(Click “View Raw”.)

Is that all you asked for? Includes the font? If not I can also ask the original creator.

Hi and thanks for your answer.

  1. First step : try to delete this hideous white background at center. I prefer to do this only from vector file (EPS).
    => done. :wink:

  2. Some pics are pixelated only because of image resolution.
    An example : whonixlock.png (180 x 247 pixels) BUT resolution is 99,009 dpi. (instead of 72 dpi)




Far better, isn’t it ?

  1. If you need some specific logo size, just PM me or ask here. I will be happy to do so.


PM function in forum got disabled to shield us against abuse and legal attacks, unfortunately. E-mail is fine as well.

Looks MUCH better indeed!

Do you wish any specific lines for acknowledgement / credits?

In git commits, I acknoweldged as:
“Removed white background from whonixlock.png. Thanks to nanohard (https://www.whonix.org/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=248) for the edit!”


I am asking, because I plan to acknowledge the new logo in blog/twitter…

I can also (not) add your website and/or real name and/or whatever you desire. However you prefer. I mean, if you’re doing that work, you should earn the reputation for it if you wish.

No thanks. Happy to help. :wink:
Don’t hesitate to ask.


Just to link these discussion to the right person in my head… Question…

nanohard = thelasttime?

Not at all.

Are you using services

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • g+
    ? And do you know how their header/logo sizes and how to design them?

Most important problem at the moment with facebook is, if you post the link https://www.whonix.org on your wall, you only see part of the banner.

Facebook and twitter would be more important. I am looking up some information on header and logo sizes; header and logo overlap. (https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/Logo) Some places require rectangle style logos, others elongated style banner. That information will also be required for a possible future logo contest.

Currently Whonix’s facebook/twitter account designs are using a Whonix desktop screenshot, which I did out of despair ;), due to lack of design skills. Ideally those account designs should reflect what Whonix is about.

Some designs, I find informative and professional:

[quote=“Patrick, post:16, topic:332”]Are you using services

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • g+

In past, i used them. All have their templates. Step by step, we could do it.
For image sizes, there are some interesting guides about this.
Example : http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/files/2014/03/social-media-image-size-cheat-sheet-2014.png
"Social media image size guide" are the magic words.
The better is :

  1. finalize whonix logo (or create new one, i don’t know : i find current maybe “too cold”.)
  2. give temporary access to a webdesigner in each listed service to try/upload/test/save some graphical visuals.

I can help you. All free, of course.


Could you help preparing a logo context? Essentially, just helping with the wording of a blog post or wiki page.

Maybe I am thinking too complicated here. But due to many sizes for different websites, I am overwhelmed and confused.

What sizes should logo contest participants provide? Two? A require rectangle style logo with xxx * yyy and a elongated style banner with xxx * yyy?

Maybe we can copy and paste a lot text from the Tails logo contest (https://tails.boum.org/news/logo_contest/index.en.html). [Their website is GPL’ed, so that’s legal.]

Can we do this with test accounts please?

Yeah, please!

For the social media header photo, we might not need to use a banner. I like the idea more to have some graphic to explain what Whonix is/does. What do you think? Any idea on what should be included? Perhaps that’s worth a blog post as well.

From Tail’s page (with some comments) :

Requirements :

Free licence, compatible with GPL3+. [b]-> Good (Is GPL3+ necessary ?)[/b] Source in SVG format. [b]-> EPS, AI must be prefered[/b] An image with an approximate 1:1 ratio, like the onion logo. [b]-> Difficult in Whonix's case[/b] The image should convey the ideas behind Tails: secrecy, privacy, anonymity, mystery, simplicity (Tails is ready-to-use). [b]-> Good[/b] The logo has to be a bit serious, but not sad. [b]-> Good[/b] Until now we reuse the colors from Tor (green and purple), but this can be changed. [b]-> Why not ?[/b] We cannot reuse directly the Tor or Debian logo, but evoking it is ok (use Tor colors, or evoking the Debian swirl). [b]-> Ok, for me[/b] The image should be suited to print on nice stickers that people want to have on their computers, and on t-shirts that people are happy to wear. [b]-> Why not ?[/b] Make sure that the fonts that you use are compatible with GPL3+. To be on the safe side, use fonts available in Debian main, otherwise we will ask you to prove their compatibility with GPL3+. [b]-> Ok, for me, even if i don't exactly what GPL3+ is[/b]

Complementary materials

As the logo will be used in quite different places, [b]we encourage you to submit complementary materials. These are not strict requirements but will help us evaluate your proposal better. Besides, if your logo is chosen, we will need them anyway before we are able to put it to use publicly.[/b]

These complementary materials are:
To be listed.

Calendar :

XX/XX/XX : Deadline for sending proposals to XXXXXXXXX@XXXXX. No attachments to the email, but link to a public place where we can find your work. XX/XX/XX : The winner is announced.
  1. I like the idea to ask participants to provide :
  • a traditionnal logo,
  • a big banner (size to define),
  • complementary materials. (optional)
  1. Yes we can do that with test accounts. Just need to open one in each service.

  2. You write “I like the idea more to have some graphic to explain what Whonix is/does. What do you think? Any idea on what should be included?” and i think you’re right.
    Keywords : operating system - anonymity - Tor network - Whonix-Gateway - Whonix-Workstation

As pictures (sometimes) talk more than words, i will post 1 example here as soon as i can.


Will answer in more detail later. I’ll copy the Tails logo contest to Whonix wiki, then we can edit.

By the way, we may not re-use the official Tor logo from The Tor Project for trademark reasons.

The legal stuff about licensing. Means https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_General_Public_License version 3 or any higher.

Before starting we should do some more brainstorming. Let’s write a blog post to encourage others to share ideas about this.

EPS, AI must be prefered
What is AI?
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