Small graphic edit task

Could someone please take and remove the white background?

(So it looks more like .)

Done. I think.
Link is good for 7 days.


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Looks good:

Made the commit. See the diff here:

I think there is a small problem, the white color in the two inner circles has been removed as well.

Sorry, didn’t know you wanted the two inner circles to remain white.

Fixed here:

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Do you know why it looks so pixelated ? We can surely do better. ???

I don’t know why it looks pixelated?

If you want to refine it, feel free.

I don’t think we’re using the lock icon as a big version anywhere at the moment.

But we are using the banner ( on main page, which looks pixelated.

Hi Patrick, if you have source files i could work on it. All that i need is font of “Whonix” logo and “lock” symbol.
Without, i can try to reproduce it but i will spend more time.


Ah, sure. Of course! I didn’t have it in mind since I understand zero about graphic editing. You can get them here:

(Click “View Raw”.)

Is that all you asked for? Includes the font? If not I can also ask the original creator.

Hi and thanks for your answer.

  1. First step : try to delete this hideous white background at center. I prefer to do this only from vector file (EPS).
    => done. :wink:

  2. Some pics are pixelated only because of image resolution.
    An example : whonixlock.png (180 x 247 pixels) BUT resolution is 99,009 dpi. (instead of 72 dpi)




Far better, isn’t it ?

  1. If you need some specific logo size, just PM me or ask here. I will be happy to do so.


PM function in forum got disabled to shield us against abuse and legal attacks, unfortunately. E-mail is fine as well.

Looks MUCH better indeed!

Do you wish any specific lines for acknowledgement / credits?

In git commits, I acknoweldged as:
“Removed white background from whonixlock.png. Thanks to nanohard (Whonix Forum) for the edit!”

(Removed white background from whonixlock.png. Thanks to nanohard (htt… · Kicksecure/icon-pack-dist@f027263 · GitHub)

I am asking, because I plan to acknowledge the new logo in blog/twitter…

I can also (not) add your website and/or real name and/or whatever you desire. However you prefer. I mean, if you’re doing that work, you should earn the reputation for it if you wish.

No thanks. Happy to help. :wink:
Don’t hesitate to ask.


Just to link these discussion to the right person in my head… Question…

nanohard = thelasttime?

Not at all.

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